Friday, March 28, 2008

Just Keep Telling Yourself That

I made the same breakfast today that I make everyday: 2 egg whites with with a little bit of green peppers. I'm always in a semi-hurry since I prefer to take an extra 15 minutes to sleep in, so I just nuke the eggs in the microwave in a mug. Talk about a white-trash breakfast. Anyways as I was eating them, every once in a while I noticed something crunchy in it: aka egg shells. In too much of a hurry to spit it out, instead I just kept eating it and pretended that it was a piece of rock salt because--as I discovered today--rock salt and egg shells both have similar textures. You may call this lazy, but I call it "using my imagination."

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Everyone knows that my favorite makeup in the entire world is MAC Cosmetics (if you don't know that, then shame on you. You obviously don't know me well enough and need to pick up your cell phone this instant and call me so that we can lunch date or something. Seriously). Well a few months ago, the company put on the "MAC Originals" contest to promote its new line. Pretty much the gist of the contest was for you to submit a picture of yourself with a short 100 word description about why you are a "MAC Original." Some people submitted pictures with them sporting extravagant makeup with descriptions like, "I'm different. I'm unique. I'm a nonconformist," while others had plain-Jane pictures with descriptions to the effect of "I'm boring and love to wear the same neutral colors with nasty thick black eyeliner everyday."

Well, I entered--of course--because the top prize was a the entire MAC Originals collection (a $500 retail value, might I add) and a $1000 MAC Gift card. But, not wanting to be boring and submit some lame picture that looked like a MySpace pic, I asked my roommate Michelle--a photography major--if she could take a picture for me in the studio. She wants to get into the fashion industry and is always looking for new shoots to do to help boost her portfolio, so of course she obliged. My favorite color is orange, so I played around with my orange eyeshadows and colors to create a fun look to submit.

Well, I got an email in my "junk" email account from MAC with the subject, "Thank you for participating in the MAC Originals contest." I assumed it was just thank you for entering, but I was surprised to discover that they email actually explained about a problem they had with voting for the MAC Original (IMO, it became a popularity contest and people who had like 40,000 friends on MySpace would just have all their friends vote for them, thence skewing the results). SO...they modified the contest rules and picked their own winners, but as a consolation prize--and to appease all the snatches who thought that they should have won and would have if they stuck with the original rules--everyone else got a $15 MAC Gift Card! Score.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I Can't Draw

So last night—instead of a) finishing up my Marketing Strategy case, b) sleeping, or c) doing anything else remotely productive—I stayed up until 3 a.m. drawing/sketching/whatever you want to call it. Why? I don't know...I'm not even good (although I wish I was, so I that's why I keep trying). I've only taken one drawing class in my whole life and I really want to take more; I especially want to take figure drawing and digital painting. Anyways, here's the sketch dump for ya'll.

These are random figure drawings of a guy. They are just really quick gesture sketches and took about 60 seconds each.
Victoria Secret models are always good for female body reference when you have nothing else.
And best friend--ALEX. Haha and of course, it's in a more cartoony style because that's just what I prefer. It's always been a goal/hope of mine to do some sort comic strip with my roommates, friends, family, etc as the main characters. But I suck at character modeling, so I've always gotten frustrated with the whole process. Well, I'm hoping to change that. So anyways, I drew this picture of Alex and I'm going to practice coloring in Photoshop using the tablet and such. I've never used either much before, so it'll be a learning process. But here is Stage 1 of my picture of Alex: the sketch! Lines and color coming soon...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Do You Trust Me?

Aladdin is my ALL-TIME favorite movie. Hands down. Anyways, Disneyland has this show called, "Aladdin's Oasis." It's probably been there since the mid-90's, yet I've NEVER been to it. So I doubtfully asked Kristina if we could go and--to my shock and surprise--she said yes and was all for it! And it was awesome! If you ever need a 30-minute break from walking around the park, I highly recommend it (also--on a side note--if you're in California Adventure, I even more highly recommend the mini-Broadway production of Aladdin there).
So after the show, each group had the chance to get ONE picture taken with Aladdin and Jasmine. Well, one of my favorite parts of the movie is the infamous "Do you trust me?" scene. So after 10 minutes of waiting in line, I ask Aladdin if we can take a picture acting out this scene. Aladdin was confused--obviously he had never had anyone ask to take a picture like that before--but then turned to Jasmine and started acting out the scene to Jasmine. Jasmine was smart and said, "No, she wants you to do it to her, not me!" It was an "Oh..." moment for him. Well, I told Jasmine, "Sorry, but we just want Aladdin." She was cool with it--"I totally understand"--and stepped aside. But now that I think about it, the picture would have been better if we had a jealous Jasmine standing with her hands on her hips giving me sass. Oh well. Next time.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Randomness at Disneyland

I went to Disneyland this weekend! I'm an annual passholder, so I get in for free. Anyways, me and Kristina had an awesome time and took advantage of all the Disneyland Photographers we could. Any time we saw one of those guys holding a camera, we bolted over there to take a random picture of us. Well... here are a few of those pics:
We fought over this sword for about 45 mintues until Disney security told us that we had to let the other children have a try.
Our "candid" picture. In reality, we went up to the camera man and told him to take a picture of us that looked candid. I think it turned out pretty good. It's my favorite out of the whole bunch.
I dominated Captain Hook even with my hand tied behind my back (Peter Pan style).
And you wonder why people think that we're a "couple."
Most people take lame pictures with the princesses. Not us, we helped Mulan get in character...kung-fu style!
My favorite diva slash Disney pin-up Tink stopped by. Gotta love her.

Monday, March 10, 2008 we come!

BYU isn't like most colleges in the fact that we don't have a Spring Break. Lame. So Xtina and I making our own Spring Break! My classes on Thursday and Friday are canceled, so it works out perfectly. So...we're going to Disneyland! I'm an annual pass holder, so I won't have to pay. Sweet.

Anyways, here is some random fun stuff from my last Disneyland trip (well actually, no. I went to Disneyland in California over Christmas break, so scratch that). But here are some pics and a video from when I went to Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland (that's in Japan, in case you're weird and don't know where Tokyo is).

This is Tokyo DisneySea's version of the Tower of Terror. It makes California Adventure's ToT look like a cinder block! It's no wonder Disney spent over $4 billion in making this park!
Anything Disney gets me excited. Yay for Disneyland in 5 days.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fake Time

Daylight Savings Time started today. Now, most people in the country probably cheer when they hear that and start spouting off lame reasons such as "it gives us more sunlight." Puh-lease. Changing our clocks has no effect on when the sun comes up or down--we still have the same amount of sunlight either way. The only problem is that people don't wake up any earlier, so they are the ones missing out on the sun. Honestly, I hate it. Daylight Savings Time is FAKE TIME.

You have to understand where I'm coming from on this: I'm from Arizona where Fake Time does not exist. We don't recognize it as some sort of National holiday, or even mention its name. And life is so much better for us that way: we never have to touch our clocks unless the power goes out from our twice a year thunderstorms.

I lost an hour of sleep last night because we were "springing ahead," but for what? Oh yeah, so that way church could come an hour earlier causing me to wake up only 5 minutes before, quickly throw an outfit on, and arrive at church sporting jungle hair equivalent to an Amazonian jungle woman. Luckily for me I just happened to be wearing my cheetah dress, so no one really questioned it. Thanks fake time.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


So, per the request of numerous friends, I have started a blog. First posts are always lame, so I'm going to keep it short. Actually, I think I'm going to end here.

Ok, maybe not. Actually when I was setting up my blog, I was too unfamiliar with Blog (is that word capitalized? Hmm...) titles to really know what to name it. So, I named it "Insert Cool Blog Name Here" with the idea in mind that I could change it when I actually came up with a cool blog name to insert. Then I realized that name was dumb and not funny or clever in any way, so I tried to change it. Um... yeah. I can't figure out how to do that. Please tell me you can rename blogs (again, capital or no capital?) because I do not want this to forever be the name of this thing. Seriously. I consider myself somewhat tech-savvy, but I'm unfamiliar with the setup of this whole thing. I guess I'll just wait for the learning curve to kick in.