Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fake Time

Daylight Savings Time started today. Now, most people in the country probably cheer when they hear that and start spouting off lame reasons such as "it gives us more sunlight." Puh-lease. Changing our clocks has no effect on when the sun comes up or down--we still have the same amount of sunlight either way. The only problem is that people don't wake up any earlier, so they are the ones missing out on the sun. Honestly, I hate it. Daylight Savings Time is FAKE TIME.

You have to understand where I'm coming from on this: I'm from Arizona where Fake Time does not exist. We don't recognize it as some sort of National holiday, or even mention its name. And life is so much better for us that way: we never have to touch our clocks unless the power goes out from our twice a year thunderstorms.

I lost an hour of sleep last night because we were "springing ahead," but for what? Oh yeah, so that way church could come an hour earlier causing me to wake up only 5 minutes before, quickly throw an outfit on, and arrive at church sporting jungle hair equivalent to an Amazonian jungle woman. Luckily for me I just happened to be wearing my cheetah dress, so no one really questioned it. Thanks fake time.


Alex said...

Haha! Nice picture! I hate daylight savings time too! :)

Xelsé said...

Stupid Fake time!

Xelsé said...

Hey thanks! you know, I probably will... if I don't have any better offers before then. ;) My mom Just told me of them being invited to a fiesta down in Mexico -Just a small town thing but still- and I want to weasel my way in on that. :) I'm Just bought a memory chip for my computer so that Protools will work on it so I can start recording My Rockin' R album. YAY for more streams of Money!

Basarabas said...

You are SO funny! Thanks for the visual. I can just see you now jungle woman!