Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Everyone knows that my favorite makeup in the entire world is MAC Cosmetics (if you don't know that, then shame on you. You obviously don't know me well enough and need to pick up your cell phone this instant and call me so that we can lunch date or something. Seriously). Well a few months ago, the company put on the "MAC Originals" contest to promote its new line. Pretty much the gist of the contest was for you to submit a picture of yourself with a short 100 word description about why you are a "MAC Original." Some people submitted pictures with them sporting extravagant makeup with descriptions like, "I'm different. I'm unique. I'm a nonconformist," while others had plain-Jane pictures with descriptions to the effect of "I'm boring and love to wear the same neutral colors with nasty thick black eyeliner everyday."

Well, I entered--of course--because the top prize was a the entire MAC Originals collection (a $500 retail value, might I add) and a $1000 MAC Gift card. But, not wanting to be boring and submit some lame picture that looked like a MySpace pic, I asked my roommate Michelle--a photography major--if she could take a picture for me in the studio. She wants to get into the fashion industry and is always looking for new shoots to do to help boost her portfolio, so of course she obliged. My favorite color is orange, so I played around with my orange eyeshadows and colors to create a fun look to submit.

Well, I got an email in my "junk" email account from MAC with the subject, "Thank you for participating in the MAC Originals contest." I assumed it was just thank you for entering, but I was surprised to discover that they email actually explained about a problem they had with voting for the MAC Original (IMO, it became a popularity contest and people who had like 40,000 friends on MySpace would just have all their friends vote for them, thence skewing the results). SO...they modified the contest rules and picked their own winners, but as a consolation prize--and to appease all the snatches who thought that they should have won and would have if they stuck with the original rules--everyone else got a $15 MAC Gift Card! Score.


Xelsé said...

Total Score! I love free stuff!

Dana said...


IzeOfLight said...

Love it! AND the picture--very cool!

megs said...

morgan, i think you look so amazingly beautiful and unique looking in this picture, a totally different way i have seen you. Absolutely Fabulous. You graduated so what is new now! loves meghan