Friday, March 28, 2008

Just Keep Telling Yourself That

I made the same breakfast today that I make everyday: 2 egg whites with with a little bit of green peppers. I'm always in a semi-hurry since I prefer to take an extra 15 minutes to sleep in, so I just nuke the eggs in the microwave in a mug. Talk about a white-trash breakfast. Anyways as I was eating them, every once in a while I noticed something crunchy in it: aka egg shells. In too much of a hurry to spit it out, instead I just kept eating it and pretended that it was a piece of rock salt because--as I discovered today--rock salt and egg shells both have similar textures. You may call this lazy, but I call it "using my imagination."


Xelsé said...

HAHAHA that is great. gotta Love those moments!

IzeOfLight said...

And since untreated salt has awesome healing and nutritional properties, why not imagine the egg shell has the same? =)