Thursday, April 3, 2008

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Whenever I'm craving something sweet, I curb my craving by eating a little bit of brownie batter. Just put some brownie mix in a cup, add a bit of water, mix, and VIOLA! It's Fantastique. Well this morning I looked at my half eaten box of brownie mix and decided, "Ew. I don't want any more." So, I threw it away.

Well, I came home around 5 from a long day of school and decided, "Actually...I take it back. I DO want that brownie mix." So I got it out of the trash (don't worry, it was on the top) and looked inside to discover that it was ALL gone! WTF?! So obviously, one of my roommates (whom also love to eat brownie mix) discovered it, picked it out of the trash, and ate it--which I think is hilarious. Kuddos to the roommate who ate my brownie mix out of the trash. Kuddos.


The Cichon's said...

Lol! I'm glad it was on the "top" of the trash!

Dana said...

That is too funny and actually kinda gross at the same time! LOL! Definitely blog worthy!

The Harbertson's said...

I LOVE it!!! I love a gal that goes dumpster diving!!!!