Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Already Know

So I'm taking one class during the summer session: Chemistry 151, which is the first in the 4 class chemistry set that I need in order to apply to medical school. I took Honors Chem and AP Chem in high school and this class it's RIDICIOUSLY easy (I think it's because I still have all that information from years ago stored in my brain for some reason, so I never have to study. Thank you, brain.). But I'm really starting to appreciate BYU for how challenging it was....wow, how I miss being challenged.

Anyways, the professor--Dr. Seung-Joo Lee--is a cute Korean woman (whose mannerisms, speech, and facial expressions have hints of Sun from LOST. I know... I'm obsessed). Well today was another boring, remedial lecture over the gas law equations and I was talking with my friend when suddenly she stopped class and yelled:

"Can you be quiet even though you already know?!"

Hahaha, yes professor, I do already know.

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Chelsea said...

:) It is nice to already know. But I know EXACTLY how you feel. In High School I had Mr. Fig. for Spanish and he was REALLY hard on grading. So That made me work my but off to get an A. Every other teacher that I have had weren't challenging at all. For me, that is a problem. If I am not challenged I don't try and then I get nothing out of it. :P I love to buckle down and overcome. -I don't think that I could take singing from anyone but Bobby because he forces perfection. I have no respect for teachers who don't.