Friday, June 6, 2008

The Law of Borrowing

It's an unwritten rule that when you borrow something from someone, you return it in the form it was given to you. This applies to clothing, cars, food, etc. It's just common sense. I borrow two jumbo eggs from you, you return two jumbo eggs to me. That's just the way it goes.

Well, my friend borrowed an unopened bag of Toll House chocolate chips from me so that she could make some sort of chocolately goodies. "I'm desperate because my lame guy friend is coming over and I want to impress him!" she said. Ok, so didn't say that...but I got that vibe. I didn't mind because she was going to "pay me back." Well she did...with store brand chocolate chips! Another unwritten rule is that when you borrow something from someone that is a usable resource (I'm talking food ingredients here), you return it in a form that that is of equal or greater value. Not lesser. I know it's just chocolate chips--and call me a brat--but I was a bit ticked. I bought those chocolate chips specifically for the taste/brand/so that I looked cool scanning them at the checkout line/whatever and paid a hefty price premium for them too (we're talking like 60 cents more here)! Outrage.

It's comparable to if you borrow my Jimmy Choo pumps and then return back a pair of Payless knock offs. Whether it's high-fashion heels or chocolate chips, it equals unacceptable.


IzeOfLight said...

Oh my gosh! Yeah, that's totally not cool. We come across a somewhat-similar concept when exchanging gifts with extended-family members: one of my aunts works at a jewelry store (Bon Losee's in Provo), and all gifts from her are from there. You give her something that cost you $25, and she gets you something she paid $5 for. Not quite fair! But she's SO excited about that exchange.

Xelsé said...

I was going to leave a comment that would have been really funny between you and I but I'll just wait until I see you so we can laugh in person.

Meant To Be said...

morgan- your preachin to the choir to me on this subject. Maybe i am waaay to nice but i either get the returned item broken or never returned, I Hear ya on this subject. One thing you can always count on me is getting back what you borrowed to the fullest. Shoes are the worst i learned a long time ago not to let friends borrow things unless i expected to neversee them again. so wouldnt be pissed at them. toodles