Friday, June 20, 2008

My Week in Doodle Form

I recently got a job as a part-time teller (or "Member Service Consultant") and had work training this whole entire week. It's from 9-5:30, but lucky (sort of) for me, I have class from 7:30-12:40 Monday-Thursday; so I don't be at training until 1. Which is good because the material is SO mundane and boring: it takes them 4 hours to cover material that they could easily get done in an hour. Since I'm not an idiot and I ALREADY know how to "turn on my computer," I pass the time by doing what else? Doodling.

It kind of sucks because I keep forgetting to bring a pencil, so I have to draw everything in pen (the other alternative is actually paying attention). So, I suck it up and draw in pen. Pen is hard because you can't erase, fix mistakes, change a pose, etc. But it's been good for me because I'm forced to draw "well" the first time around.

Anyways, here is my week in doodle form.
So if the bank was to have a new employee training greeter, this is what she would look like--sequin dress and all.
Ugh, look what pen does! Originally, she started out with her back facing the viewer, but then I decided to change it to her front. So I magically transformed her back into saggy boobs. But I still think she looks a bit wonky. She looks ok from the waist up, but the waist down looks like her booty is facing us...oh well.
I tried to draw Giselle from Enchanted from memory....FAIL.
I honestly don't know where this came from. I guess I was channeling Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove at the time.
This one's my favorite. Girly-girl Diva's are the best.


IzeOfLight said...

This might be one of my favorite sentences ever: "So I magically transformed her back into saggy boobs." I've been laughing out loud for the last minute. I heart you, Miss Morgan.

{alex cichon} said...

you are so good! I am so jealous of your talent! :)

Chelsea said...

When I look at The Emperor's New Groove pic I start hearing Tom Jones singing "What's his name? Cuzco!" Ah, Tom Jones... I want a golden mic.

Dana said...

Ok, I want you to give me some makeup advice BADLY! White Eyeliner...never heard of it but sounds great! AND... I want you to draw a cartoon of me so I can post it on my blog! That would be Awesome!! How much would you charge???