Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pinky, Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?

So I'm taking a page out of Alex's blog and posting what I did in my Photoshop/Illustrator class last night. Alex actually followed the instructions to a T and hers looked exactly like the instructors (that's why she's a good pupil), but I was bored by the geriatrically slow pace and took some creative leeway with mine. My inspiration was South Park meets Hallmark card--well, minus the mindless violence, swearing, and unnecessary poop jokes...Sadly, we--Chelsea, Alex, and myself--all thought the same thing and dropped the class. Reason why are listed below:

1. Time: Monday and Wednesday's from 7-10....p.m.
2. Place: at MCC. It's 15 minutes away which equals 324102374 gallons of gas each way.
3. Teacher: he semi-looked like Sayid from LOST (and a classmate also looked like Faraday). Therefore, I couldn't focus because I was thinking about LOST the whole time.
4. Students: filled with IDIOTS who've never used computers before. I think I heard, "You're going too fast," "What did you just do!?" and the ever popular "I've NEVER USED A MAC BEFORE!" about 200 times during the class. I felt like saying, "I'm sorry, but the remedial class for all you dunderheads-who've-been-living-your-caves-for-the-past-two-decades is next door."
5. We could have gone through how to create the "angry bear" in about an hour, not 3.
6. We had to come back on Wednesday so that we could do the exact same thing that we did on Monday, this time for credit. Um, professor, haven't you ever heard of HOMEWORK?
7. I missed return of The Mole. :(

Conclusion: Not worth our time and money. Although, I did email this bear to my mom to which she replied, "Very Good, Honey!" So for the praise and recognition from mom, maybe it was worth it...


{alex cichon} said...

Lol! I love it! Before I showed it to Brian I did warn him that your bear was much better than mine...and when we got to your site he was all wo! Very nice work Mo! Love it! Oh and I am sooooo soooo sooo glad we dropped that class so I dont have to hear that guy say for the hundredth time "I'm not familiar with MAC......." :)

{alex cichon} said...

ok so the second time i read your post...after you updated it, brian saw the title and started singing the pinky and the brain song, and then he proceeds to find it online and plays it....ahhhhh!!!

Xelsé said...

oh, nice. I love it.

megs said...

BAH HAAAAA. i love this. nice work friend... but i am sorry for your loss.