Friday, July 18, 2008

It's a Classic

When I was a schoolgirl, the best part of sick days was lying on the couch and watching The Price is Right (tPiR). I love The Price is Right; from this show comes many classic lines such as "One dollar, Bob!", "That's too much","Come on down!" and "A NEW car!" Also, I feel the need to clarify: by tPiR, I mean the OLD, classic, hosted by the pimp Bob Barker PiR--not this new stuff with the world's most unflattering, unpersonable, and awkward game show host Drew Carrey.

One of my favorite segments is Cliffhangers. You know the one I'm talking about:
the one where the little backpacker climbs up the infamous PiR mountain while yodeling his little heart out the whole way up. If you don't know what I'm talking about (and even if you do)...please watch this clip. That clip is awesome for two reasons: 1) it's the worst playing of Cliffhangers EVER and 2) it proves my point about how horrible of a game show host Drew is. Two birds, one stone.

Note: I'm not talking about this Cliffhanger. I'm talking about something MUCH cooler, sexier and that has an even bigger "avalanche of thrills" than good ol' Sylvester's (un)classic 1993 action film.

YES! Now this is the action I'm talking about!

I've recently gotten my hands onto the AUDIO file of the yodeller's yodel song. This thing pre-dates VCR's, is absolutely ridiculous, yet it still rocks my world. I seriously listen to it all the time because I get such a kick out of it: there's something about Swiss music--and it's prominent use of the accordion--that just makes me want to do a little jig and grab a partner doe-see-doe. I'm sure the fact that it reminds me of waiting in line for the Matterhorn at Disneyland doesn't help much either.


Bri and Adam said...

Um I love this because just yesterday, the wives and I were talking about how much we hate tPIR since Drew came along. Yuck. They should've got someone under the radar that could become the next Bob. And as always, thank you for the internet finds.

P.S. I could not agree more with your comment on my blog!!! I love the first one for her!

Chelsea said...

Haha, I like how Bri says she was talking with "the Wives" It makes me picture an old fashion tea party for some reason, ah, Bri your in a whole nother world! ... anyways, Bob was the best! every time I watch old clips of him it brings back this feeling of being wrapped in a blanket with my head on the arm rest and enjoying the sick days. -he was just so likable! - Everything was based around nostalgia and because of that it was just cool! and no matter what the prize was, Bob ALWAYS made it seem awesome, he would never demean his own show.

gavin said...

Bob kicked as much butt on the Price is Right as he did on Happy Gilmore. Nuff said.

Dana said...

That is hilarious! I totally remember those days!

Dior said...

Yeah I miss Bob's orange wrinkly skin.