Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wait mister! You're drinking a candle!

I'm a huge purveyor of wax. I wax everything: legs, armpits, bikini line, eyebrows--pretty much anywhere that grows hair, I wax. There's nothing better than waxing your legs, then shaving them real fast (to get rid of any stray hairs and dead skin you missed): it's akin to the feeling of when you first shaved your legs when you were 12 and then felt them against the bed sheets. You know what I'm talking about. smooth.

Since I've been home in Arizona and enjoying the sun, my waxing skills came out in full force. I've already waxed my legs, armpits, and bikini line twice since I've been home (once in mid May and just recently last week). Waxing lasts about 6-8 weeks, but even then the regrowth isn't the same. I rewaxed my legs last week and I was SO surprised about how much thinner and sparse the hair was. I even have little patches on my legs from when I waxed years ago that STILL haven't grown back. It's awesome. By the way, those aren't my legs: mine are so much sexier and better looking.

And let me just answer the question I know all of you are thinking: But Morgan, doesn't it HURT?! Answer: No. Although, I have a REALLY high threshold for pain, so I'm not sure I'm the best to ask that question. BUT if done correctly, waxing should not hurt.

The world's best wax is Sally Hansen Express Wax Hair Removal Kit. The wax is water rinsable which is A MUST. DO NOT buy wax that doesn't wash off with water because the other kind is just a horrible mess that never seems to go away (I still have a sticky spot on my bathroom floor from it). I buy it at Walgreen's and stocked up last week when I found out that it was on sale for $5 opposed to the normal $9.99; so I bought two boxes because I know I'll be needing it in the future.

As much as I love this girl for being Asian, this girl's such a noob: that is NOT the best way to put on wax. Look how goopy it is! Noob, you fail.


Bri and Adam said...

Ummm, don't be fooled by getting the "salon" wax. You'll be in for lots and lots of using ripping of your skin, right Mo? I've been wanting to wax again, but it's hard to let my hair grow out these days...

Morgan said...

Yes, Bri is right. By "salon" she means the kind you buy at a place like Sally's Beauty Supply. You'd think it would be top notch stuff but that's where you're wrong: when you rip this stuff, just the wax rips off sans hair. Very painful for the one on the receiving end.

Oh and Bri, I'll be happy to fly out and give you a touch up wax job--you pay of course. And I'm also waiting for my payment for waxing your...ahem...VJJ.

megs said...

hahaha i need some serious waxing for this upcoming wedding, but due to a private gig (that i tried on myself) i am now terrified for life of placing heated wax on my "private parts" or anywhere else. guess shaving will have to do this weekend;) but i do commend you for being so brave and getting through waxing experiences all by yourself. cheers to you my friend.

Dana said...

Ok I have a few questions.

1. How long does your leg hair have to be in order to get good results? I'm guessing armpit hair is the same?

2. You wax your own eyebrows? Wow

3. Is that stuff safe enough to use on your face? I try to shave my entire face 1x weekly to get rid of all the peach fuzz.

You've definitely peaked my interest on this one. I'll have to stop off at walgreens and pick me up some of this stuff!

matt and amie said...

I love waxing too! I am going to have to try the wax that you use. I got this microwavable wax from sally's and after you microwave it a couple times it starts to get kinda gross! Plus it never gets all the hair and I end up having to tweeze it.