Thursday, September 4, 2008

Old People. Seriously.

Yesterday at work, I was helping what seemed to be a superficially sweet old man take $50 out of his account (in Arizona quarters) when he said to me: "So when's that thing coming out of your stomach?"

My eyebrows shot up and clenched together the same time as my jaw dropped. I refuted, "I'm not pregnant!" He muttered something like "Oh gosh golly" and conked his head with the side of his hand. "Silly me." Um, yeah. Acting like you're old and senile won't get you out of this mess, sir. He quickly exited the bank faster than if he actually had robbed the place.

Seriously. There were many clues that he should have picked up on before asking this question:
  1. No ring on my finger. Sorry, old man, but I'm not a whore.
  2. I have NO bump at all. I lost 15 pounds this summer. My stomach has gotten flatter, not rounder and more baby-filled.
  3. Um, maybe the teller right next to me who's 8 months pregnant could give you a reference to what a pregnant girl looks like!? Just maybe.

1 comment:

Dana said...

Ummmm, WHAT?????!!!! Ok girl, you don't look one minute pregnant! He must have been blind! Well, maybe someday Alex will tell you the story of how Boppa got my dad mixed up with a black guy! People are so WeiRD!