Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Halloween Phantom - Part 2

After you accept the Phantom's goodies, you're now legally obligated and bound to deliver some to someone else. Seriously. I had a friend arrested because she neglected to do this. So after I made the cupcakes, that duty fell on me. I was in my pijamas (which includes an absurdly large Rockin' R Ranch T-shirt and the rattiest boxers you ever did see), so I obviously wanted to get this done quickly. So I delivered the first one: lightly creeped up to the house, rang the doorbell, and BOLTED back to safety. One down.

The 2nd delivery posed a bit more trouble. Trying to be nice to the neighbors nobody talks to, my mom made me deliver it to them. As I was walking up to their door, I realized that--since they're in a corner lot--they possess one of the world's longest walkways. This was going to be a problem running away because it would probably take me 3 minutes to actually get off their property. So as I was running away, I kicked it in high gear (or at least as much as my Steve Madden flats would allow me to) and ran all the way home. After this, I was pretty tuckered out and sat on the couch ready to watch the Doris Day movie that my mom said she'd watch with me after I delivered the goods. Or that's what I thought would happen: my mom walked in a few minutes later saying that the package was still there--the neighbors weren't home.

So up again I went to deliver it to someone else. This time to the nice retired couple across the street. In a hurry to watch my movie, I rudely just cut across their lawn, put the plate on their doorstep, rang the bell three times, and ran away. I had to take a sharp left from their doorstep to cut across their lawn, but as I did that I scraped past one of their potted plants. And this wasn't just any ordinary, normal plant--it was a fake, decorative, no maintenance, metal plant. This equals major ouch. By the time I got home and had a chance to look at my upper leg, I had a 7 inch, puffy, bleeding gash on it. Awesome. Thanks Phantom.

The best part of the story: the neighbors weren't even home.


Chelsea Robson said...

That's tragic. I can understand why you wouldn't want to tell this story more than once.

jessica said...

ouch! her eis a tid bit on doris day movies... ever watched WITH SIX YOU GET EGGROLL ???? it is hilariously nerdy but use to be one of the petersen family vhs staples hahahaha