Monday, October 20, 2008

The Halloween Phantom

We've been the Halloween Phantom! For those not acquainted with this little guy, you soon will be--either because he will hit your house soon OR you have no clue what I'm talking about but you will if you keep on reading. Here's what it is: you mysteriously receive a plate of goodies on your doorstep with an attached sign that says, "You've been hit by the Phantom!" along with a full size picture of a ghost. You put the ghost sign on your door so that you can't get hit again and now it's your job to spook two other households with a platefull of goodies that can consist of anything from cookies, candy, etc. Or at least that's what supposed to happen!

Here's what the Phantom struck us with this year:

Talk about LAY-Z! They couldn't even make us the goodies, but instead are making us do it ourselves! What fun is that?! (Actually they probably thought it would be such a "fun" activity to make the cupcakes together as a family, but in reality, it wasn't. I ended up making them...alone). At least they kind of tried by decorating the bag with festive stickers....Pretty much the only upside to this situation is that I was able to regift the fully baked cupcakes (well, all but the five I kept for the fam) to two other unsuspecting Phantom victims. Mwhahaha! Happy Halloween!


{alex cichon} said...

Thats too funny. I hope whoever Phantomed you isnt reading your blog! LOL!

Margie said...

Funny Morgan, it's true I think they thought it was thoughtful, but hey, you didn't have to go out and purchase something, and the people you gave it too, got a 2 fold blessing.