Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sweating to the Oldies? I think not.

As I was sweating up a storm on the insurmountable Stair Master at the gym (You know the one: the giant one with the steps that actually move), I noticed that everyone there owns and uses an iPod. And then I realized a few things about my gym iPod usage:

1. Most iPods are attached to a sporty armband that can handle jogging, weight lifting, or just plain looking cool while flexing your arm at the mirror when you think no one's looking. Mine on the other hand...I tuck into the front or back of my spandex shorts, which always results in a super sweaty device after removal. Sweet. I mean, sweat.

2. I'm positive that most people listen to either rap, rock, pop, or another type of monosyllable genre. This is when I realized that I am probably the only person in the world to actually be hardcore working out to the audiobook of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. It should be semi-embarrassing, but--plainly--it is not. "Sweating to the Oldies?" Please, in my opinion, there's nothing that give me more felicity than burning fat to a soothing British accent.

Now, my next question I address to you: What sort music do you listen to at the gym?


Chelsea Robson said...

I have a playlist of all of the Up tempo songs on my computer that I play on random mode whilst I go along. But as tradition goes I always listen to the first song first. What is that song you may ask?

After Today -A Goofy Movie.

Just staying true to my roots.

megs said...


and i dont work out. BUT! IF, i did... i would listen to a mixture of fergie, disney songs, dvorak and some old school michael jackson circa 1980s. they always get my hyped.

gavin said...

First of all, Morgan, you crack me up. You're blog is awesome.

In response to the posed question, since I work out in the BYU basketball/football weight room, we listen to either old rock or rap, dependant on who turns the music on.

When I'm at home workin out, I listen to pretty much whatever music I've been listening to in the last little while. Just depends on what I'm likin at the time I guess.

jessica said...

sadly its been a looongg time but usually ack in the day hip hop always does it for me cuz it has a fast beat.. but lately it is early morning walks with kOLE I GUESS I SHOULD wera my ipod... wonderin if i could download twilight that would be cool i cant seem to find the time to read it

Sarah Gilbert said...

thats amazing. i listen to phantom of the opera/wicked. i don't know why but it...pumps me..up? so i guess musicals are my thing. haha pride and prejudice...amazing.

Rachel Z said...

Most recently I listened to Persuasion, and before that The Fountainhead. Mixed in with some Dr. Laura. I'm a talk radio/book on tape junkie so that's what helps get me through!

Black Eye Peas - Let's Get It Started also does wonders for the motivation/distraction level.