Tuesday, November 18, 2008


After reading about it for a few months, I finally depotted all my MAC eyeshadows! I told my friend Alex about it and she was just so excited about it, that I finally did it. We both depotted ours a few weeks ago and I absolutely LOVE it. I was worried I miss having them in their own cute containers, but now all my eyeshadows are in the same place so I can just see all my colors at once and now I actually use ones that I'd forgotten about.

The best part? Well, you can Back-2-Mac six empty containers and if you return them to a Mac Pro Store (the Scottsdale or Biltmore stores), then you can get a free eyeshadow (normally you can only get a lipstick). I think I've gotten about 7 free eyeshadows from just depotting alone. And then you depot those free ones and it's a cycle that results in tons of free eyeshadow!

I helped my sister depot all hers and she told my cousins and now they all want to do it. I think we should have a depotting party and do it all together. It's really easy to do and so worth it. So to all you cousins out there who want to do this, when do you want to get together?


M☮nica Petersen said...

I'm so down!! That's the smartest thing ever.. And who doesn't like free NEW MAC COLORS!!!??? I know I would love some new ones without payin' the $$$. Set a time and I'm there!!! xo

Ps. The 1921's that you bought today looked scrumptious on your cute tiny body!!! :)

jessica said...

hey ya i am down i need some new ones too! so i need to buy the pack first right?? how bout we get together thankgiving eekend if you are not busy meet at my house???

Morgan said...

Yeah you're house after Thanksgiving works for me! I can give some pedicure's if people want them. Haha.

Yeah everyone will need to buy the Pro 15 Palette which you can only get at the Pro stores. They're only $12 and I need to go down there to Back2Mac some stuff, so if everyone tells me I can pick them up for everyone.

Aubree said...

I need this to organized my stash of mac stuff...good idea!