Sunday, November 9, 2008

Is that... Dr. O'Malley?

Anyone watch Grey's Anatomy? Know who Dr. George O'Malley is? I know, I know, you're saying "Awwww, I love George" as if he's some cute puppy with a giant bow around its neck.

Well, last week I was confronted with his face double in the form of my BodyCombat (a kick boxing class) instructor. I'm sorry but the face of GEORGE O'MALLEY is NOT what I want to work out to. If you had to work out to a Grey's Anatomy character, you want to work out to a McSteamy, not an O'Malley. Where did my hot-bodied Tony go? Or Jeanie--the awesomely fit, Japanese girl with the wicked British accent? I just couldn't get into this new guy! Every time I looked at him I saw the face of the man who used to fawn over Merideth in early seasons--neither endearing nor motivating...



IzeOfLight said...

Actually, considering my massive amount of hate for George, I'd find it the perfect workout motivation.

Morgan said...

Hmmm when you put that spin on things, it magically makes the whole situation better. I'll try that next time my beloved Tony is gone.