Thursday, November 13, 2008

Toucan Delight

I love my dad. He always full of the best, most hilarious quotes. Today's quote of the day happened after we went golfing. As tradition, after we golf he usually takes me to get a smoothie at Tropical Smoothie Cafe. We went through the drive thru and I told him I wanted a smoothie called a Toucan Delight.

Dad: "We'll have two cans of delight." Our order came up on the screen a second later.
Dad: "Oh...Toucan Delight....What's a Toucan?"
Me: "It's a bird."
Dad: Oh, you mean a tou-cun."



M☮nica Petersen said...

Ha ha sounds like my Dad sometimes too. The older they get the funnier things they say. :D

AprilF said...


Chelsea Robson said...

"Burl Ives?! He's the snow man."

Morgan said...

Lol yes and he also restates the obvious like when we're watching a movie with Burl Ives and he announces to everyone that he's also....the snowman. Haha

Dior said...

Kind of like JOE with a hard E.