Thursday, December 18, 2008

We're Running a Ghetto Operation Here

We're living in a time when most people are starting to upgrade their DVD collections to Blu-Ray. But here at the Burt household, we're holding onto ancient technology--the VCR. Ok, it's not the entire Burt family involved in this, mostly it's

We have an extensive collection of VHS tapes that I think are good to whip out from time to time--especially during Christmas time considering that every Christmas movie we own is on VHS. Well a few weeks ago while watching Babe, the VCR died. I was devastated. What was I to do? I was even more devastated when I realized we in the midst of the Christmas season.

But don't worry, instead of just buying new DVDs to replace the old tapes, I've thought of a better solution: plugging our old tiny TV/VCR player into the home theatre receiver. And voila! I can now watch my ancient, poor quality tapes again! At this point I realized how ghetto this actually is...the picture below explains all.

Can anyone name the holiday classic movie that I'm watching here?


Chelsea Robson said...

I can but i think that would be cheating and would take away the fun for everyone else. :)

-Oh and don't get me started on Ghetto... That's how I roll.

Bridgette said...

White Christmas!!! Yay! I love the ghetto-ness! haha.

Morgan said...

Bingo, Bridgette!

AprilF said...

That is awesome! We run on VHS here- well in our rockin' mini-van anyway. LOL!

Ryan said...

especially ghetto is your typo: "we in the midst of the Christmas season"

don't change it, please!


Morgan said...

Oh gosh, I'm such a grammar/spelling Nazi that it kills me to see that typo..... But per your request, my dear cousin, I shall keep it.

Margie said...

i beleive that would be white christmas--with bing crosby--and you can have our old vcr--and the vcr tapes too. cute blog girl