Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Love to See the Temple

I went through the temple today and it was incredible! I loved having some family and close friends there. My good friend Alex and her mom came and we took some pictures after. I love Alex, she's just the cutest! Thanks for coming Al!

Monday, January 26, 2009

April Fools!

Ok seriously, all the April Fool's jokes about my April 1 report date were funny, but hey, it looks like they came true!

I'm now leaving
February 18th!

I was talking with my bishop yesterday and mentioned that I've already bought the majority of my clothes, am so ready to go, and that it's just "the waiting game" right now. His response: "Well let's see what we can do about that. We've moved up dates before and let's see if we can do it for you." Sweet.

Bishop Layton walked me over to the Stake President's office--I already had an interview with him after my bishop interview--to personally tell President Thornock that he wanted this done. Thornock wasn't there yet, so he just told me to tell him myself. When he got there we went into his office and I told him I had a request. I told him the situation and he said that he would be "delighted to try" and that he has a good, close contact at the mission office in Salt Lake that he would call on Monday and ask.

Well, Monday came, he called, and the date changed! I'm SO excited! Seriously, I knew President Thornock was amazing before, but now he's beyond amazing!

Wow, February near and yet so far.
No actually, it's so near and yet so near.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Got My Call!

I FINALLY got to open my mission call and I'm going to the
McAllen, Texas Mission

I've heard it's exactly like Mexico, except you can go to Wal-Mart. Haha, so I got the best of both worlds! I'm really, really excited and I leave April 1! So until then, I better start brushing up on my 4 years of Spanish from High School.

Also, a lady in my ward whose son is in the San Antonio Mission told me that his mission and my mission are always switching between the highest baptizing mission in the United States. So I'm guessing that means that I'll be BUSY! Which is an awesome thing!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Seriously? Part 3

I recently was chatting on facebook chat with a friend who I haven't seen for about a year. He mentioned that he recently broke up with his girlfriend and I inquired why (knowing that they'd been dating for about 6 months and were--at least from all the engagement-type pictures I'd seen of them--pretty serious). His response: "Oh, she didn't like Star Wars."


I asked if he was being serious and he affirmed that he was. "She'd never seen them and wouldn't even give 'em a chance and watch them. It was the straw that broke the camels back." Right then, I knew the reason why he is 29 and still not married.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Heeere!

I've known for weeks that today was going to be the
big day and I was RIGHT!
My mission call came today!

Unfortunately, my cousin's wedding is tomorrow and my parents conveniently flew to Utah this morning. SO, I can't open it until Saturday night when they get back! Boo! So until then, it's taped on the fridge....maybe I should put it somewhere less tempting...

(And yes, my right cheek is still swollen from my wisdom teeth.
It's quite lame...)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little Stinker

I don't think it's possible for this little guy to take a normal picture...

Three cheers for Aydan.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Double the Fun

Where did this giant purple bruise come from?

The Culprit
These are my brother's weights. Each dumbbell has a set individual plates that you can add to increase the weight to make it a total of 10 pounds to 50 pounds. Very handy and versatile.

While doing P90X the other day, I moved the little yellow pins to the 20 pound mark. But when I picked up the weights, one of the 2.5 pound silver plates slipped out of place and fell onto my BARE foot--apparently I'm not smart enough to wear shoes when around heavy equipment. Ouch!

Double Your Fun
Today a close friend stopped by to visit me and I was explaining to him how I hurt my foot. I walked over to the weights, lifted them up in demonstration of what I did the day prior, and then at that exact moment ANOTHER WEIGHT DROPPED ON MY OTHER FOOT! I think he got the idea pretty clearly...
I have a crappy camera, but you can barely see the bruise beginning to form on my right foot. Lovely. Things are better in pairs anyways.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Voted Most Cuddly

I'm an apple body type. I read recently that apples are the body type that people like to cuddle most with. See? I knew I had this for a reason!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcome to my new, improved, beautiful Blog!

My old blog was just bare bones and downright embarrassing.
But now it's something I'm proud of and actually want to show my friends.
And hey, maybe now I'll be more motivated to update more often...maybe.

My dear friend Alex redid the blog for me for a Christmas present. Isn't she awesome?! She makes all sorts of blogs for people, so if you're interested in having her design your blog just contact her at Her rates are pretty reasonable and--trust me--you won't be disappointed!

Post-Op Report

Yesterday I got all four of my wisdom teeth out! Everyone told me all these horror stories about how much it would hurt, how I'd "be so out of it for a few days," etc. Well thankfully, none of that happened! It took me about 30 minutes to become fully coherent again from the anesthesia and by the time I got home, I popped in one of my favorite movies--Scoop (Isn't Hugh Jackman just the yummiest?!)--watched Persepolis with my mom, then topped off the day by playing some Super Mario Galaxy on my Wii (I have 87 stars! 34 more to go!). I felt hardly any pain--if any--and actually had quite a splendid day.

Here it is day two and I'm just the same as yesterday...Great! I did some P90X and then took down ALL of the Christmas decorations in the house (including 2 fake trees and all the other random Christmasy littering our bookcase and mantles). Here's a lovely picture of what I look like today after de-Christmasing--yes, the no makeup, messy hair look is beautiful and I know the right cheek is a bit swollen, but that's about as bad as it's been!

Hmm...I must have pretty high self-esteem to post pictures of me like this on the internet..haha oh well!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The 5 Love Languages

I've been on a reading kick recently and just finished Gary Chapman's The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate. It's an absolutely fabulous, quick read! Yes, it's meant for married couples, but still the principles in it are great in general for everyone to know about themselves, their significant other, and--most obviously as mentioned by the title--your spouse.

For those who don't know, the Five Love Languages are:
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Quality Time
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Act of Service
  • Physical Touch
I'm "bilingual" which means that both my primary and secondary love languages are equal (there's a little test you can take in which I determined this). But even before I took the test and "officially" knew, I already had an inclination about what I was. My love languages are Words of Affirmation and Receiving Gifts.

The other day at my cousin's bridal shower, my aunt made a funny comment about the love languages and men: "Is there a man out there whose love language isn't sex?!" meaning Physical Touch. Haha, I just got a kick outta that. Classic Margie.

So since I'm all into this now, I think you know what's coming next: what's your love language(s)?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Working Out

I recently lost about 8 pounds in the past month thanks to P90X and a few other things. But I've noticed I've gotten a bit complacent since my birthday which was a few weeks ago. Here's a picture of me working out to P90X. What do you think?

...And yes, that is a homemade cinnamon roll in my hand...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Cats Out of The Bag

Enough people know by now, so I guess I'll just announce it: I'm going on a mission! My papers have already officially been turned in for a few days now. I'll find out where I go in 2 weeks. I'm SO excited and can't wait to see where I go--whether it be Idaho, Japan, or wherever! I know it'll be an experience that I will cherish my whole life and I'm really excited to share and preach the Gospel for 18 months.

So since I have 2 weeks till I officially find out, I might as well pass the time by playing a fun game that involves you. This game has one question that you need to answer: where to YOU think I'll go?

It Gets Cold

I've always marched to the beat of my own drum. So when I went to a movie with my parents today, do you think I cared when my dad saw me walk out of the house and say, "A blanket at the theatre? Really?" Yes, really. I'm always cold and theatres keep the temp WAY too cold for my taste. Why not just wear a sweater? Well, you can't cuddle up with a sweater...duh.

To my dad's surprise, there were 3 others in the theatre with blankets. Granted, they were 10-year-old girls, but that's beyond the point.

I Can't Go Another Year Without Sharing

I fear I've gone too long without sharing my deep love for Google Reader. This seriously is one of the BEST online tools and a MUST for people who are avid blog readers.

Do you hate having to click on everyone's blog everyday to see if they updated? Only to get disappointed and angry when you discover that they haven't? Well, Google Reader does all the checking for you. It's an RSS feed in a convenient place. In simplest terms, you upload the links to all the blogs you subscribe to and then every time you log onto reader, it automatically tells you which blogs (or websites) have updated. Seriously, once I discovered saved me SO much time.

1. Go to (or, if you're already logged onto your Gmail email, just click "Reader" at the top left)
2. Log in using your Gmail account
3. Click on the top left link that says "+ Add Subscription."
4. Add the address to any blogs, news, websites, etc that you check on a regular basis. Click "Add."
5. Now any links that you added will show the last 10 or so posts that blog has done. Scroll through them real fast.
6. Now every time you login to Reader, if someone has updated, Reader will tell you.
7. Click on "All Items" on the left, to view the whole blog entry for the sites that have updated.
8. Read the blogs and enjoy! If you want to make a comment, you have to click on the title of the blog post to take you directly to the person's blog and make a comment there.

Hope you all start using Reader! I subscribe to over 50 blos and websites via this gizmo. Imagine how long it would take me to check for updates everyday for all those...Oi...way too long. Here's to Reader and saved time!