Monday, January 26, 2009

April Fools!

Ok seriously, all the April Fool's jokes about my April 1 report date were funny, but hey, it looks like they came true!

I'm now leaving
February 18th!

I was talking with my bishop yesterday and mentioned that I've already bought the majority of my clothes, am so ready to go, and that it's just "the waiting game" right now. His response: "Well let's see what we can do about that. We've moved up dates before and let's see if we can do it for you." Sweet.

Bishop Layton walked me over to the Stake President's office--I already had an interview with him after my bishop interview--to personally tell President Thornock that he wanted this done. Thornock wasn't there yet, so he just told me to tell him myself. When he got there we went into his office and I told him I had a request. I told him the situation and he said that he would be "delighted to try" and that he has a good, close contact at the mission office in Salt Lake that he would call on Monday and ask.

Well, Monday came, he called, and the date changed! I'm SO excited! Seriously, I knew President Thornock was amazing before, but now he's beyond amazing!

Wow, February near and yet so far.
No actually, it's so near and yet so near.


Chelsea Robson said...

Eek! I am so Excited for you! I'm sad we wont be able to go see Les Mis but hey, when you get back it's "on to the Theatre!" XD

Aubree said...

I can tell you are ready NOW! You will be an awesome missionary. Let us know when your farewell is!

Exteena said...

It seriously is so crazy soon. Loves and can't wait for you to visit!

IzeOfLight said...

That is so fantastic--congrats, m'dear!

Monica said...

Yeah! YOu are such a go getter--I'm glad that you are going to get out there and go sooner! Good for you girl! Keep us in the loop!