Sunday, January 11, 2009

Double the Fun

Where did this giant purple bruise come from?

The Culprit
These are my brother's weights. Each dumbbell has a set individual plates that you can add to increase the weight to make it a total of 10 pounds to 50 pounds. Very handy and versatile.

While doing P90X the other day, I moved the little yellow pins to the 20 pound mark. But when I picked up the weights, one of the 2.5 pound silver plates slipped out of place and fell onto my BARE foot--apparently I'm not smart enough to wear shoes when around heavy equipment. Ouch!

Double Your Fun
Today a close friend stopped by to visit me and I was explaining to him how I hurt my foot. I walked over to the weights, lifted them up in demonstration of what I did the day prior, and then at that exact moment ANOTHER WEIGHT DROPPED ON MY OTHER FOOT! I think he got the idea pretty clearly...
I have a crappy camera, but you can barely see the bruise beginning to form on my right foot. Lovely. Things are better in pairs anyways.


Monica said...

You make me laugh! Ouch it looks like it hurts! I'm glad you are enjoying p90X--you probably should wear shoes though!

When are we going to get together and play games? I've been really sick, maybe next Sunday!

Bugessa said...

morgan! ouch! man thats crazy, ok i had a dream about you, you and i were running together up and down really steep hills. i dont know why.

krystal said...

okay i think me and landon are going to start P90x and i am so scared!!!

Chelsea Robson said...


Sydney Vivian Lambson said...

I found your blog.

{Morgan Burt} said...

It appears so.