Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Can't Go Another Year Without Sharing

I fear I've gone too long without sharing my deep love for Google Reader. This seriously is one of the BEST online tools and a MUST for people who are avid blog readers.

Do you hate having to click on everyone's blog everyday to see if they updated? Only to get disappointed and angry when you discover that they haven't? Well, Google Reader does all the checking for you. It's an RSS feed in a convenient place. In simplest terms, you upload the links to all the blogs you subscribe to and then every time you log onto reader, it automatically tells you which blogs (or websites) have updated. Seriously, once I discovered saved me SO much time.

1. Go to (or, if you're already logged onto your Gmail email, just click "Reader" at the top left)
2. Log in using your Gmail account
3. Click on the top left link that says "+ Add Subscription."
4. Add the address to any blogs, news, websites, etc that you check on a regular basis. Click "Add."
5. Now any links that you added will show the last 10 or so posts that blog has done. Scroll through them real fast.
6. Now every time you login to Reader, if someone has updated, Reader will tell you.
7. Click on "All Items" on the left, to view the whole blog entry for the sites that have updated.
8. Read the blogs and enjoy! If you want to make a comment, you have to click on the title of the blog post to take you directly to the person's blog and make a comment there.

Hope you all start using Reader! I subscribe to over 50 blos and websites via this gizmo. Imagine how long it would take me to check for updates everyday for all those...Oi...way too long. Here's to Reader and saved time!


Katie said...

I was using Google Reader for awhile but was annoyed because I couldn't post a comment on people's blogs. Then Blogger added their own Reader, and you can even upload your own list from Google Reader on to the Blogger website. Now I know when everyone makes a new post AND I can comment! I don't recall how I figured that out, but its located on the dashboard.

Are you going to have your missionary letters uploaded onto your blog?

Chelsea Robson said...

My absolute favorite part about this post was the fact that you showed it in picture form. That's wicked awesome. :)