Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Heeere!

I've known for weeks that today was going to be the
big day and I was RIGHT!
My mission call came today!

Unfortunately, my cousin's wedding is tomorrow and my parents conveniently flew to Utah this morning. SO, I can't open it until Saturday night when they get back! Boo! So until then, it's taped on the fridge....maybe I should put it somewhere less tempting...

(And yes, my right cheek is still swollen from my wisdom teeth.
It's quite lame...)


{alex cichon} said...

Yay! I still cant believe you are going on a mission! Crazy! I cant wait to see where you will go!

Ryan said...

That gives you time to draft the acceptance letter that you have to send to President Monson in response. At least I had to send one to Pres. Hinckley. (That is, of course, only if you are planning on accepting no matter where you are called. If you're holding out for the right location, you might hold off on the acceptance letter effort.

Have you considered a video conference call with Utah so we can get the news in a more timely fashion?


{Morgan Burt} said...

Thanks, Ryan!

And yes, I DID suggest that, but my parents claim that my cousins "don't have computers with that technology."

Puh-lease parents, this isn't 1994, it's actually quite common now.

AprilF said...

Congrats Morgan!!

I'm still pulling for Jersey!

Meghan and Sean Green said...

Oh Yay! i think your going foreign?! i dont know but i think that would be awesome. love you, congrats!!!!

Monica said...

I asked Marshall if you opened it yet and he said your parents are still gone----Wow you are patient!!!

I don't think I could have waited that long---torture!

Can't wait to hear! How exciting! I know it will be the perfect place for you!