Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcome to my new, improved, beautiful Blog!

My old blog was just bare bones and downright embarrassing.
But now it's something I'm proud of and actually want to show my friends.
And hey, maybe now I'll be more motivated to update more often...maybe.

My dear friend Alex redid the blog for me for a Christmas present. Isn't she awesome?! She makes all sorts of blogs for people, so if you're interested in having her design your blog just contact her at Her rates are pretty reasonable and--trust me--you won't be disappointed!


Monica said...

I love your new and improved blog! Quite the personality to it! How fun and what a great talent, wish I had that one!

Bridgette Balkman said...

Oh my gosh you have the cutest blog ever! I am super jealous!! LOVE it!!