Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Working Out

I recently lost about 8 pounds in the past month thanks to P90X and a few other things. But I've noticed I've gotten a bit complacent since my birthday which was a few weeks ago. Here's a picture of me working out to P90X. What do you think?

...And yes, that is a homemade cinnamon roll in my hand...


{alex cichon} said...

You inspire me! haha

Katie said...

What is P90X? Is it anything as cool as the WiiFit?

Morgan said...

P90X is so much more HARD CORE than Wii Fit. It's a set of 12 DVDs that you do for 90 days to get in incredibly amazing shape--I'm talking RIPPED. Go to for more info.

It's SO awesome! We just took our Day 30 pictures and they look SO much better than Day 1!

But don't worry, that cinnamon roll eating experience was a one time thing. I'm back to my hard core P90Xness now!

Monica said...

I'm so glad that you enjoy it! I've been trying to have your mom get it for you for over a year because I knew you would love it and Marshall was at our house everyday doing it! I won't tell anyone that you pirated it!
Way to go losing weight! You look great! The new thing we are into is Chalene Xtreme! We had to break up the monotomy!
You are welcome to borrow it to check it out! It is pretty amazing! I think the main thing is just to do muscle confusion!
Love ya girl! Can't wait to hear about your call!
Some sunday call us to play games!

IzeOfLight said...

I LOVE the cinnamon roll in your hand, and I love the totally NOT INTO IT look on your face. It's all classic. And props to you for getting back into the routine. I've yet to do that since graduation . . . (oops!)

Morgan said...

Well I love P90X but that day I was doing something called "X Stretch"--an optional Sunday routine. It was either that or just rest, normally I take rest. But my muscles were so sore that X Stretch seemed necessary.

Haha, and it was a great workout, but as you can tell, I'd rather be sitting on the couch "resting."