Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hola!! Week 1 from the MTC

So week 1 has been good so far. Everyone kept saying, "Just wait until Sunday, it gets WAY better after then." Well I followed their advice and it was 100% true. After Sunday, I really started to get into the routine and swing of things. Now I'm just taking things one day at a time, rather than "Oh, wow, we still have 8 weeks left, that's such a long time to be here." It's really not that long of a time and I need it to help me learn the language, the Gospel better, the lessons, the scriptures, how to teach, how to study, how to plan, how to...[insert 1000s of different things here]. I need to learn it all. So I'm just focusing on doing my best each day, not wasting time, and growing/learning something new each day.

I love my district! It's a super big district though...there are 12 of us total. A lot of the other districts have about 6-10 people. We started out with 10--8 Elders and 2 Hermanas. But I had one companion on day one, the next day another girl moved up from Beginner Spanish and we then were a trio, then we were in the trio for a few days until last night when another girl moved up from Beginner, so now I'm back with my original companion. Having two companions was fun for a while, but it was really cumbersome and took a lot longer to do everything. Now I really understand why missionaries do missionary work in pairs. It's definitely an inspired design. Even just being with my one companion today, we've gotten a lot more done. It's awesome.

Since I'm in Intermediate Spanish, we've pretty much dove into the language. We haven't really had a ton of Spanish grammar or language classes yet, but a few. We're all slowly working on it. I've been speaking Spanish practically all day for a few days now. It's really hard and annoying because I'm obviously much more eloquent in English, but they will be forcing us to speak entirely in Spanish in a few weeks, so I might as well just get used to it and start doing it now. Everyday is getting a lot better, it's interesting how QUICKLY everything is coming back. When I took my Spanish assessment on the phone, I totally thought that I botched it and that I'd be in Beginner. But apparently whatever I said was good enough! I'm grateful I'm in Intermediate because it seems the Elders in the district are a lot more focused. They all want to learn the language and are all engaged in class discussions. But who knows, I'm not familiar with other districts or missionaries, so don't take my word on it.

Anyways, back to my district. They are so much fun. It's funny how being together for 14 hours a day really fast-forwards the time it takes to get to know each other. Ok, it's not really that funny, it just makes sense that the more time you spend with someone, the more you get to know them. The Elders like to pick on me, which is fine, I don't care because I can take it. Like whenever the teacher says, "Who wants to or who do you want to say the prayer/pick the song/read the scripture/etc?" The majority of the Elders will say, "Hermana Burt!" So, of course I do it. My catch phrase is "No me importa!" which means, "Whatever." Haha, so they say that all the time, in honor of me. I walked into the class one night after dinner to see all the class assignments (prayer/scripture/hymn) on my name and then the words "No me importa!" written all over the board...great. Thanks, Elders. But seriously, they are so much fun. I have a favorite companionship because they are so cute and sweet, like little brothers. Yet at the same time, I love all of them because they all add a lot to the district. I never thought I'd say that about random Elders I met a week ago, but it's funny how things completely when we're all focused on one common goal. It's fun.

So here real fast is the schedule I do practically everyday:

6:30: Wake up
6:55: Leave for class
7-7:45: Go to class and have personal study time
7:45-8:15: Breakfast
8:15-12:30: Class
12:30-1:15: Lunch
1:15-5:30: Missionary Directed Time (aka, we don't have a teacher and have to teach ourselves, study language, companion study, etc)
5:30-6:15: Dinner
6:15-9: Class again
9-9:30: Schedule with companion for the next day
9:30-10:00: Get ready for bed
10-10:30: Journal
10:30: Bedtime!

One of my favorite parts of the day is gym. I brought my P90X worksheets (that just say the title of the exercise, so I know what to do just by that) and I brought my stretch cords (red, green, and yellow resistance). So every other day I do the workouts for that and then the other day I try to do some cardio. Yesterday, I FINALLY got to play basketball with the Elders. I don't like playing with the Sisters because none of them actually know how to play. But Sisters can only play with Elders if there is another sister on the other team and they have to guard each other. So I finally grabbed some random sister and asked her to play and she did. It was SO much fun to play basketball again! My lungs were hurting because--although I'm in shape--I'm not in THAT type of shape; this is completely different than what I'm used to. It's wonderful! At dinner later that day, I saw one of the Elders--Elder Burton..I only remember that because of our semi commonality in our surnames--that I played with and he said, "Hermana Burt! You were awesome! You burned that other Sister and scored like half of our point! I've decided to call you 'El tigre" because you are so aggressive out there!" Haha, well, it turns out that things haven't changed much. I've always been super aggressive. Oh and random, I'm here in the laundry room writing this email and that Elder just walked by and yelled "Hermana Tigre" from across the room. Lovely.

Well, unfortunately I'm afraid my time is up. I love being here and I know that this is exactly where I need to be doing. The Lord has high expectations for me and I need to do my best every single day so that I can further his work. I have seen a few friends who are only here for 3 weeks and then they leave for the mission field. I'm a bit jealous of them because I can't wait to get out and start teaching, but I know that I'm not ready yet. I'm going to do everything that I can to prepare while here in the MTC. I know that the church is true and this--missionary work--is the most important work!

Love you all. Hope everything is well!
Hermana Morgan Burt

P.S. Write ME! Haha...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Last Post!

Well I get set apart in an hour--which means no more computer, phone, etc. I'm sad but I'll definitely get over it. It will be nice to completely separate myself from all that stuff for 18 months.

I'm so excited to go on my mission though! The closer it gets, the more I begin to feel nervous mixed with excitement, but I know this is EXACTLY what I need in my life right now. I know that by preaching the Gospel--the most wonderful thing in my life--for 18 months to the people in Texas, that I will come back full of the love of Christ and be a completely different person. It'll happen little by little every day, but it will happen. And I'm really excited for that. I'm so excited to go forth and serve my Lord and teach people about Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon, the restoration, families being together forever...ah, everything that makes me so happy! I can't wait!

See you in 18 months!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mission Farewell & Open House

Hey everyone!

I will be giving my mission farewell TOMORROW!
Sunday, February 8th
8 AM
LDS Church on SW corner of
Power & Guadalupe

Everyone is invited! But I'd recommend getting there around 7:45 (painfully early, I know) if you want a good seat because my ward's notorious for swiping all the good spots. The majority of my family and friends will be coming too (another reason to come early).

OR...I will be giving ANOTHER farewell talk at my single's ward at noon. I'm lucky enough to be speaking on the same topic, so if you: can't make it, sleep in, hate waking up early, were attacked by zombies, etc., this one might be an option.

Sunday, February 8
LDS Church on SE corner of
Hawes & Guadalupe

And finally...last thing!

I'll be having an OPEN HOUSE that night at my house.
Sunday, February 8
6-8 pm
My house (email me for address)

Hope everyone can make it!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby Guarding

Last night, Chelsea and I joined my cousin and his friends for a good old fashioned game of Capture the Flag--complete with glow sticks as flags. One of the boys, Danny, was explaining the rules and said "OH! And NO baby guarding." Immediately, Chels and I looked at each other, mouthed the words "baby guarding?" and then both started laughing. Wow, I haven't heard that phrase for over 10 years. Hearing it again made me feel like a kid again, it was a great feeling.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh, It's Just A...

I got my wisdom teeth out about a month ago. Most people have pain for abou 2 weeks, then they're good. I didn't have much pain at first, but I did a week into it. Turns out I had a dry socket on my bottom left side. Great. I got that taken care of and assumed it would be smooth sailing from there.

I stand corrected.

This weekend I had a ton of pain on my left side. But it was on the top and went all the way to my ear (you know that ear pain you get when you're sick? That was the pain). So since I leave for my mission in 2 weeks, I decided it probably was a good idea to get it checked out, even if it was nothing.

Turns out it was something.

The dentist looks around and then informs me that there is a "piece of bone" stuck in the side of the top left cavity (as in: hole, not like a cavity you get from eating too many Sour Patch Kids). Yes, a piece of bone. Not sure if by bone he meant part of the tooth that was extracted or bone as in "when we took the tooth out, part of your jaw bone got taken with it." Not sure, not worrying about it. But still--a shard of bone is no good. He said that it was just lodged in the side and preventing that cavity (again, the hollow place) from healing properly. Uh, huh...I see. That explains the pain A MONTH later.

So he numbed me up, took his gizmo labeled "use for removal of bone shards that got accidentally left behind," and took it out. It was probably the size of my little finger nail. Lovely.

Moral of the story: if you have pain, please get it checked out. I can't imagine what would have happened if I left on my mission and still had that in there.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I was at Dillard's today looking for a new wallet when I overheard this conversation:

Woman to other woman: "Oh that's a nice wallet, it's a Dork & Booney."

Then realizing her mistake, she corrected herself, "I mean, a Booney & Dork."
(For those who don't know, the proper brand name is Dooney & Burke)