Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mission Farewell & Open House

Hey everyone!

I will be giving my mission farewell TOMORROW!
Sunday, February 8th
8 AM
LDS Church on SW corner of
Power & Guadalupe

Everyone is invited! But I'd recommend getting there around 7:45 (painfully early, I know) if you want a good seat because my ward's notorious for swiping all the good spots. The majority of my family and friends will be coming too (another reason to come early).

OR...I will be giving ANOTHER farewell talk at my single's ward at noon. I'm lucky enough to be speaking on the same topic, so if you: can't make it, sleep in, hate waking up early, were attacked by zombies, etc., this one might be an option.

Sunday, February 8
LDS Church on SE corner of
Hawes & Guadalupe

And finally...last thing!

I'll be having an OPEN HOUSE that night at my house.
Sunday, February 8
6-8 pm
My house (email me for address)

Hope everyone can make it!


IzeOfLight said...

The ONE time I wish I were in Arizona instead of California.

I wish I could be there, darlin'!

Chelsea Robson said...

I'll be there. I don't think I'll be attacked by zombies. I haven't seen too many undead around these parts.

But, Unicorns on the other hand...

Hey, maybe that's what happened to my horse. Someone did say that Captain one looked like a unicorn. Maybe he did it after all.

-Hmmm... It seems Tonks isn't the only one to have fallen victim to rouge inhabitants of the forbidden forest...

-Wow, I don't think I can get any nerdier.-

{Morgan Burt} said...

Wow, I really truly am pleased that you're quoting Pottercast on my blog. It brings happiness to my soul.