Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cheesy Potatoes, Teacups, and Devotionals

Hey Family!

Ok so this week went by super fast! I can't believe it. I've been here three weeks already--1/3 of the way done with the MTC. Incredible! I was talking to some of the other Elders who leave in about 2 weeks and they said that the first 4-5 weeks go by super slow, and the last 4 go by SO fast. So if it's already going by so fast for me, I can't even imagine how fast the last 4 will go. But who knows, maybe I'll be the opposite. Maybe the last 4 will drag on...let's hope not because the Advanced Spanish district that reported on the 18th with my district are all leaving this week, and it makes me super jealous that they already get to be out of here and will soon be doing "real" missionary work.

But no worries, I'm still loving the MTC. Not loving the food so much. I don't really eat much of it anymore, just applesauce/yogurt for breakfast, salad for lunch, and cereal for dinner. I don't know, nothing really is that great anymore. Haha. Well except when they serve cheesecake for dessert. That's my one downfall, I love my cheesecake way too much. But luckily, they don't serve it THAT often. Haha.

But speaking of food. So one of the other districts were sitting behind my districts table at dinner. And I overheard one of them--my good old pal Elder Nimmer--mention that "These potatoes are from HEAVEN! Seriously, have you tried these potatoes?" He was addressing his district, but he said it with such gusto that I turned around to look. He was about 2 feet away from my chair, saw me look over and said, "Hermana Burt. Have you tried these potatoes? These are delicious and amazing. You must partake." Haha, oh geeze, here it comes. I told him that I wasn't interesting in the potatoes because I've learned that they are not that great and instead they use nasty fake cheese, so they're not as cheesy as I would normally prefer--so I wasn't going to waste my time with them. He then is clearly offended and gets all serious and says, "Hermana Burt, would you commit to at least trying these potatoes?" Of course, playing along with the game, I say no and then he goes off into a whole 5-10 discourse/committment with me about why I should eat the potatoes. How I need to commit just to try them, so that I can know for myself if they are good or not. Pretty much, he was using his commitments from when he teaches lesson and just added the word "Potatoes" in place of "Book of Mormon," "Joseph Smith," etc. It was REALLY funny actually and I was super impressed. And yes, he did get me to try the potatoes and it turns out that they actually were good. So yeah. Good job, Elder Nimmer.

So yeah, the weather here is Utah weather as usual. Sunday it was SUPER sunny and warm. You won't believe it but I actually didn't wear my coat for the first time here (not that it's really that cold here, but I just prefer to be super toasty all the time). But then, of course, the next day it was cloudy and gross, and the day was topped off that night with a bunch of snowfall. Yay...It's slowly melting now and the sun is back.

So remember when I said, "Oh, I have the BEST district ever! I love them so much?" Well that's still true, but after 3 weeks, you get to know people even better. It's just interesting that the Elders who I thought were "really good, solid guys" at the beginning, have turned out to be slackers and the guys who I really didn't have any opinions about at first, are seriously the best guys in the district. Funny how things happen that way. I love my teachers though. They truly are amazing. And the fact that they are teaching at the MTC is really impressive to me because it shows (to me, at least) how much they love missionaries and missionary work, how good of missionaries they were, etc. Not saying that people who don't work at the MTC weren't good missionaries or aren't good people, because there are TONs of people out there who were steller and incredible. But I've just noticed that in my teachers, they are definitely sub par than a lot of the RMs I've met. Idk, maybe I'm overanalyzing it, but I'm grateful that I have them as my teachers because they really are perfect for me and the district.

So here's a funny story, the other day we were practicing the subjunctive during Grammar study. The teacher decided to mix things up and make a game out of it. So what we had to do is find a short passage of scripture, write it down and make it subjunctive, and then pass it to the next person. That person had to read the sentence and then write a picture describing/showing the sentence. Then they would pass that on, then that person would see only the picture, and have to create a subjunctive sentence based off that picture. We did this a few times and it's so funny how things ended up FAR off what originally was intended. My favorite was when the sentence started off, "The brother of Jared prayed until God appeared in the clouds" (or something like that). The picture was of bro of Jared praying, then God popping his face out of the clouds. Well, He had reallly big ears so the next person thought that God was a teapot, then the next person thought that the teapot was a watering can, then the next person thought it was a magic lamp. So God-->teapot-->watering can-->lamp. Haha, makes you wonder why there are so many errors in translation. Good times, though.

So I definitely haven't forgotten how much I love Disney. All the Elders know that I will quote any Disney movie whenever something randomly reminds me of it, I'm probably the only sister who sings "Sing Sweet Nightingale" while singing, and I definitely have sweet Disney Princess stickers on the back of my Preach My Gospels. But let me explain the last part: I have 2 PMGs--one in English and one in Spanish. So for days where I'm too lazy to actually READ the title, I put these stickers on the back. A small Snow White sticker on the English one and a Princess Jasmine one on the Spanish. Jasmine could practically be Spanish, so it's all good. I liked it.

So one of my favorite parts of the week is Tuesday night devotionals where one of the 12 apostles or member of the 70 come and speak. Seriously, I get there an hour early with my companion to get awesome seats. Well last week, Elder Kukuchi from the 70 came and spoke and he was awesome! He's Japanese and a stud! He talked about "How to Become (a) Master Teacher." I put the "a" in parentheses because he didn't actually SAY "a" when he was speaking. Tehe. He just said, "How to become Master Teacher." So awesome. I loved him. Definitely the quote of the night from him was "How many mornings we spend with the Lord determines who you will spend the morning of the 1st resurrection with." Wow. Really puts things into a different perspective. I remember someone else saying that "How you spend the hours between 7 and 10 am on your mission, will MAKE or BREAK your mission." But this definitely applies to our own lives off the mission. But yeah, Elder Kukuchi was awesome.

THEN on Sunday for Relief Society, Sister Elaine Dalton--the President of the Young Women's--spoke to us. She is SUCH an awesome lady. Like seriously, I've loved when she spoke before but hearing and seeing her in person, wow. She has so much love for the Young Women, is so prepared--what a great leader and example. She talked about Virtue because apparently that is the new Young Women's value that they added to the Young Women's theme. They added this about a month or two ago, and I had no clue. So when we all stood up and recited the theme, it caught A LOT of us off guard when that new phrase was added in. She gave us the new Young Women's recognition inserts for Virtue and apparently we are one of the first in the church to get it. So exciting! IT makes me want to go back to Young Women's and do it all over again.

Anyways, I have 2 minutes left so better wrap this up. I love being here. The MTC is awesome, my companion is awesome, my teachers are awesome. I love the Lord and turn to Him daily to help me become a better missionary, teacher, and example. I know that it is only through Him that we can return to live with our Father in Heaven again and with our families for eternity. I love that I have the chance to share this with others who are searching for the truth.

Love you all!
Hermana Morgan Burt


The Harbertson's said...

Hi Morgan,
The MTC sounds great!!! I am so glad you tried the cheesy potatoes, now you will have a great analogy when you get out there in the field!! The orange blossoms are so fragrant right now it is wonderful. Alex has been taking great pictures she is taking Jacobs 9month pictures, I can't believe he will be 9 months old. time flies. Sounds like you are doing great I am so proud of you.
Love ya Morgan,


Margie said...

Morgan you strengthen my testimony by hearing yours in such a beautiful way.