Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Of Course They're Going to Temple Square...

Hello again!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! You know I'm wearing green! Can you believe it? I've been here a whole month (well as of tomorrow)! Wow, it's incredible how quickly the time has flown. On Saturday will be my half way mark, then my stay at the MTC is downhill from there (time wise, not spiritually or my growth or progress, of course. That will continue to progress!).

Anyways, life here is great as usual. I really feel that this week, I was finally able to get into a groove with my study journal, habits, teaching, scripture marking--aka I feel like my "system" of how I do things has finally (yet, slowly) come. Thank goodness. Since, things have been a lot easier.

The Spanish is coming along quite nicely. Now don't think that it's perfect yet, because it's FAR from that. But I try my best everyday. Last week we had a "funeral" for English though. So even though we've been really good about Speaking in Spanish a lot, last week was the end of any English that we could use. And by funeral, I literally mean...we had a funeral. I gave the opening prayer, Hermana Reese gave a special musical number, a few Elders gave some remarks. It was a really touching service. It all ended with all the English and a few other choice phrases such as "No Me importa" or "rad" being put into the coffin (aka cardboard box). So yeah, it was a wonderful day. In typical Mormon fashion, it was a happy funeral because it was the ushering in of a new era: Spanish only! Hooray.

Of course, I'm still tearing it up in gym. I love playing basketball and I actually have been playing a lot of volleyball too. Since week one, my knees have had permanent bruises on both of them from diving in volleyball so much. There are two volleyball courts. The court I play on has been nicknamed "The Semi-Pro" court by a few Elders and the other court I like to call "The Fun, Amature, Jungle Ball court." I do not play on that court, fyi. I LOVE playing on my hard-core court because it's with a ton of people who have played volleyball in high school before, so it gets pretty intense. There's even an Elder--Elder Heap--who played from BYU on the Men's Volleyball team, so I absolutely love it when he hits the ball because it's like a rocket. AH! I love it so much, so fun. But, unfortunately, I have stopped playing volleyball. Because very frequently, people who have never played volleyball will think that they are good and play on the semi-pro court and yeah...it makes the caliber of the games different. As a result, I get visibly irritated at these players, which is not very Christlike of me. If they want to play, then they are WELCOME to play on whichever court they desire. So as a result, I've stopped playing volleyball because I just decided it's better for me to play basketball, run, or lift weights, rather than have a bad time playing volleyball. And actually, it's been way better. My basketball friends and I can't WAIT till they open up the field. I really want to play Ultimate Frisbee and this other Elder wants me to play soccer with him and his friends. But unfortunately--unlike him--I DON'T play on the BYU Men's Soccer team and have never been any good at soccer, so I kindly passed. But I don't think that they will even open up the field until the end of April and I'll be gone. Oh well, until then, basketball will have to do.

Oh and speaking of gym: they have 4 square. Haha, I haven't played 4-square since the 5th grade and the people who play are SO intense. And the line to play is ridiculously long. But one day I decided to try my luck and play, so I waited 10 minutes in line, got up and made it to the next square, then got out. I decided that 4-square was lame and never played again. But unfortunately, the 2 minutes that I had played it, I ended up hurting one of my fingers somehow. Lovely. Figures I'd get injured playing the world's lamest game.

In other news, my leprosy came back. Which is SO annoying! So I have an appt with an dermatologist tomorrow. We'll see what he says. Because honestly, 4 weeks dealing with this is no fun.

So when I'm at meals, Elders ALWAYS bump into my chair. And I finally figured out why. I naturally just sit on the VERY end of my chair, so when people walk by, my chair is sticking out WAY more than anyone Else's and as a result, they bump into me. Well I figured out--Thanks to another Elder who proposed the question--that it's because I played the violin. And when you play the violin, you sit on the VERY end of your chair when you're playing. I didn't even realize that I still do it, but it's just the most comfortable way for me to sit, even after all these years. Haha, I thought it was pretty interesting.

So this Sunday was awesome as usual. You won't believe it, but I actually sang a special musical number with my district. Yeah, shocking, I know. I don't sing. But we all sang, and it was lovely. I sing so much here, more than I ever have in my entire life. But I LOVE it.

Ok so during Relief Society, we had a counsellor in the General Relief Society Presidency come, and these two girls sang a special musical number. Oh my gosh, it was the prettiest thing I have ever heard. These two sisters are going to temple square. The one is this gorgeous Mexican girl from Mexico who the Elders call "The Incan Princess" and I've heard some sisters refer to her as "Oh, you mean Miss Universe." She's just one of those strikingly pretty girls, hence the reason she is going to Temple Square, I guess. And the other girl was this adorable cute girl from Korea. Well they sang, "I am a Child of God." And the first verse the Mexican Sister sang in Spanish, then the 2nd verse the Korean Sister sang in Korean, and then the last verse they sang together in English. OH MY GOSH. Sister Lee's voice was SO pretty: think of any Japanese or Korean music you've heard, where they sing very light, wispy, soprano, airy. AH, that's EXACTLY how she sang. I started crying during the 2nd and 3rd verses because I think it was honestly one of the prettiest things I've ever heard. Ah...it was amazing. I met Sister Lee later that night on my floor. We talked for about 25 minutes about random stuff. Super nice girl. Oh and by the way, I've made friends with practically all the Asian sisters, don't ask my why or how, it's just happened. You'd think I was going to Asia.

So other random things: there is an Elder here who's legitimate name is "Elder Walking Eagle." YES! That officially is the coolest last name ever. There's another Elder who wears like all these 3 piece Prada or designer suits every day which I think is a bit much. I call him "Elder GQ."

But I love it here! The MTC is one of the best places in the world. And yes, I'm SO ready to leave, but what can you do? I'm not ready with the language yet or the doctrine as much as I'd like. But I do my best and work with my companion and each day we grow more and more. I know that the gospel is true. I can't wait to go out and start teaching people about it! 4 down, 5 to go and I'll be able to. Until then, I better get back to work!

Love you all! You're the best!
Hermana Morgan Burt

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