Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Week 2 - Elders, Tigrés, & Harmonicas

Hey Everyone!

So what's new in Hermana Burt's life at the MTC. Well a lot can happen in a week, let me tell you...

So this past week, my face literally was falling off. I don't know if it is from the climate change (honestly, I didn't think that Utah was that much drier than in Arizona, but who knows). But starting last Tuesday, my whole face was really dry and flaky, ESPECIALLY the parts underneath the corners of my mouth. Those dry patches were the size of half dollars and were SO embarrassing because they were all flaky and scaly and red...it was bad. We were reading in class about the 10 lepers and afterwards I raised my hands to the sky and yelled/said, "I finally get it now! I have LEPROSY!" Haha, so whenever I'd meet knew people I'd say, "Hi, I'm Hermana Burt and I have leprosy." They thought I was crazy, but it was seriously so bad. It's better now, FINALLY! Thank goodness.

So remember the story last week about "Hermana Tigré?" Haha, well that story hasn't ended. I play basketball ALL the time now (well, whenever I can get another sister to play with me because I can only play with the Elders if I have another sister to guard. It was ok for the first few days, but all the girls would never play again after the first time. So I have to keep finding new girls to play with me. Luckily, this new Sister came who played basketball in high school and so she plays with us most days even though she "claims" she's out of shape. Aren't we all?). I have about 5 or 6 SUPER huge bruises all over my legs, got a fat lip the other day, yeah.. I play pretty intense, but love it. Anyways, I play with a lot of different Elders and so it's funny because I'll be walking in the cafeteria at meal times and hear "Hey Hermana Tigré!" It's sort of embarrassing because the white handbook says that you're not supposed to call missionaries by nicknames, but they don't really listen. And what's really funny is that we had a substitute on Saturday and he saw my name and was all, "So Hma Burt? There's a rumor going around the MTC that you're called "Hermana Tigré." (At this point I just put my head in my hand...) "Because you totally swatted/stuffed one Elder's shot while you were playing last week!" Haha, yes that did happen. Poor Elder, I don't think he'll ever hear the end of it.

So I don't' know if it's just because pickings are slim here at the MTC for girls in general, but as a sister, you get a lot of attention. My companion even said the other day, "Geez Hermana Burt, you have a fan club." Because Elders are always saying "Hey Hermana Burt!" One even calls me "Hermana Burt Simpson" (because he thought that Bart Simpson's name was actually "Burt."). I thought it was funny because I love The Simpsons so much. I definitely called him out on it. In my head I call him Elder Gabbana because he has these obnoxious Dolce & Gabbana eyeglasses. But I'd never tell him that... Haha. I have made a TON of friends with Elders here: my district, the Advanced Spanish district (more commonly known by everyone as "The Latinos"), the other intermediate district, some random German district (who I discovered as AWESOME to sit next to during "films" time because they make their own funny commentary throughout and I'm a HUGE proponent/fan of adding my own commentary during movies), a Japanese district. It's all so random, but I like it. They're fun.

But ok, back the the weirdness of the Elders. So it's common for the elders in my district to take the Sister's trays once they're done eating. I don't think I've ever taken my tray away from the table ONCE since I've been here. But usually, that's my district's job that they've taken on themselves. So I was done eating one day and just sitting and talking with my district. My companion was done eating too, but all the Elders around us weren't at all. So I was just sitting there chatting away. Anyways, randomly I hear "Con permiso." behind me and it's this Elder from one of the other Spanish districts. I've seen him around, but never met him. He says to me, "Excuse me, Hermana Burt, but I was just wondering if you were done and I could take your tray?" I was all... "Um... ok, sure." So he takes my tray and takes it the place where the trays and dirty dishes go. Then he goes back to sitting with his district a few tables over and keeps eating his food. What the heck!? Who does that? And why did he single ME out? It was really weird and all the Elders said, "What on earth was that all about?" Honestly, I don't know sometimes.

So my very first Sunday here I was at the Sunday night Devotional. And it was my first week so of course I'm way out of it, have no clue where I'm going, etc. Well I'm walking down the stairs in this GIANT room where all the missionaries meet to listen to the devotional. Then random as I'm walking down the stairs I see and HEAR this Elder slouched in his chair, eyes closed, playing this melancholy tune on his HARMONICA! Hahaha, I thought to myself, "Oh dear...is this place REALLY that bad?" It was funny.

Anyways, so the Spanish is coming along quite well. It's really incredible. One of my roommates tole me the other day that she woke up in the middle of the night last week and heard me having a conversation in my sleep... IN SPANISH! She said that she could definitely understand what I was saying, but doesn't remember now. But seriously? How awesome is that?! A week and half into it and I'm already TALKING in my SLEEP in Spanish! Hahaha, I mean, it's not uncommon for me to talk in my sleep, I know I do that, but never in Spanish. Score.

So yeah, I'm loving it here at the MTC. My district is super fun, my companion is awesome, I love learning Spanish, I love learning and studying about the Gospel, I love the feeling of the MTC. A lot of people call the MTC "Spiritual Prison," which I suppose is kind of true, but I've also heard people say, "The temple is the House of the Lord, and the MTC is the House of the Spirit." That is definitely true. The Spirit is ALWAYS here, it's wonderful feeling.

The Gospel is true and I'm so glad this is what I'm doing in my life. I love it here! Love you all!

LOVE--Hermana Morgan Burt

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