Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Hello again!

Can I just first off say that conference was amazing! Wow, I really really really enjoyed conference this year--especially getting to watch it at the MTC. I really prepared myself this year for conference opposed to past years. People would always say, "Oh wow, Conference was so great. I got so many questions answered and prayers answered." And honestly, I always felt really dumb because I wouldn't receive ANY answers during conference. Well, the reason was because I NEVER had any questions: I wouldn't prepare, I wouldn't pray and ask for my questions to be answered, I wouldn't do a thing. It's no wonder I didn't receive any! But this year was WAY different, I prepared all week (and before obviously): I prayed for questions to come to me to ask, prayed about those questions, wrote all my questions down, took fabulous notes about what was said and personal revelation/thoughts I receieved during the talks, had awesome discussions with my district after each session, and wrote down more thoughts and insights about each talk after it was all over. ANd WOW, night and day difference this year comparred to previous years where I would just fall asleep and not receive answers. It was crazy because I had about 25 random questions that I wanted answered and didn't know if I would actually get all of them answered, but I guess I had little faith because they ALL were answered. It was quite incredible. During the very first talk (Hale's) within the first minute 2 of my questions were directly answered. I'm sure my jaw dropped because I couldn't believe it. It happened again and again and my favorite was when I had the question, "How can I have more spiritual experiences in the temple?" And then right then and there, there was a talk given about Temples and he said, "Steps to have better experiences in the Temple." Bingo! It was really incredible. What a testimony builder for me. The Lord does know me and rewards those who put forth effort. He will answer our prayers but we have to do our part first. Ah, I love conference!

Anyways, so this week has been great. I can't believe that last week was the week I was actually supposed to report to the MTC--I honestly can't imagine what I would have been doing these past 6 weeks. The only thing I can imagine being is being a missionary! Oh and so in the past few weeks I have had many "Oh, I'm SUCH a missionary" moments. Let me share a few. 1) Whenever I'm at gym and doing boring things like wall squats or planks, since I don't have a stop watch to time myself, I just quote memorized long passages of scripture. Once I get through them, then I know I can stop. Wow, I'm such a missionary.... 2) Whenever we walk on the temple grounds and I see girls wearing normal, knee-length skirts I think, "Wow, those skirts are really short! So immodest." Haha and 3) I had a dream that Orlando Bloom was my boyfriend (most likely inspired from the conversation/quote-a-thon I was having with Elder Smith the day before where we were quoting Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean--both of which Orlando Bloom stars in). Anyways, the first thing I thought when I woke up was, "Hmm, Orlando Bloom is a Buddist if I remember correctly. How would I go about making a lesson plan to convert him?" Again...wow, I'm such a missionary.

Oh that reminds me. Elder Smith and his district left this week. Honestly, it was a very, very sad moment because his district was my absolute favorite in the world (remember a few weeks ago when I said that? I lied, I only liked that other district because they played basketball). This district was the bomb! Of course, Elder Smith will be missed the most becuase I don't think I've ever laughed for hard in my life. Every meal time, I would just quote Disney, laugh, listen to him quote more, laugh, laugh, and laugh. Seriously, his impressions were SO spot on it was crazy--his Davy Jones, Sherrif of Nottingham, Sir Hiss, and all others...simply amazing. We decided that he has a photographic memory, but only for things he hears (because according to his companion he can't memorize scriptures, but I doubt that). He was quoting something one time and was all, "Well I don't know much because I've never actuallyu seen that movie. I've only seen the trailer," he then proceeded to quote the entire trailer. It was funny. He said that his dream job is to be a talk show host and if that happens, he said that I can be a special guest and him and I will just quote Disney movies and bore the audience to death (which we seemed to do to my companion and others in my district). But it's all good. He's gone now, which is probably for the best. My meals are a lot more mundane now and less comical. But it's ok. Haha.

So funny story. So I obviously am a desert rat: everyone knows how much I love the heat. Well, it's been interesting living with roommates again because of course I never agree with the temperature that they set it at--same thing with our classroom. Seriously, when it's snowing outside, I don't understand why you need the AC on. Seriously. And in our class, we have this fan and the Elders ALWAYS turn it on super high and I HATE it. But they've learned that I'm ok with the fan only as long as they don't point it towards me. So that's a good compromise I think. But seriously, at night times, I FREEZE to death. I've just learned to give it up and don't say anything because apparently I'm just some crazy person who never thinks that it's hot when it really is ridiculously hot. But I sleep with 3 nasty blankets, my purple fleece blanket, warm socks, and my corn bag every night and I still wake up all the time because it's so cold. Oh well, THANK goodness in two weeks I'll be in Texas and I'll be so ridiculously hot that I won't even know what to do with myself. Heaven.

Ok, so about my corn bag. You stick them in the microwave for 3 minutes and it heats up and becomes all toasty. I like to cuddle up with mine at night because it's so awesome--or at least, I USEd to l ike doing that. Over the past few weeks, I began to notice that my corn bag (the one grandma gave me) began smelling strange. I didn't think anything of it. One night, I put it in the microwave, and then came back and heard all these girls say, "Ew, oh my gosh, what's that smell?" I wasn't even anywhere near the microwave and I could smell IT. I opened the door up and SMOKE comes billowing out of the microwave. Oops. I have no idea what happened, but apparently, nothing good. So I scooped it out, doused it in water, and threw it in the trash. Well turns out that the smell went through the ventilation system and ALL the girls could smell it. Oops. And my hands smelled like smoke for a week no matter how hard I scrubbed and washed them. So yeah, no more corn bag which is lame because now I'm even more cold. But yeah, I'm not going to lie, it was pretty funny.

So that's pretty much the going ons here at the MTC. Oh in Conference, someone mentioned a CS Lewis quote and I just love that guy to death so I'll leave you with one of my favorites as well:

"A man who gives into temptation after 5 minutes simply does not know what it would have been like an hour later. Only those who try to resist temptation know how strong...after all, you find out the strength of the German army by fighting against it, not by giving in...Christ, because he was the only man who never yeilded to temptation is also the only man who knows to the full what temptation means--the only complete realist." --C.S. Lewis

But I know that this church is true. I'm doing all that I can everyday to prepare myself for going to teach the Gospel. I don't know everything, but I know enough--the Lord will make up the rest. Only after all the we have done. I'm grateful for conference and the chance we have to listen to the Prophet and the Lord's servants. The things they said relate to every one of us right now, the messages given as what the Lord wants for us to hear in this very moment. "Whether it be by my voice, or the voice of my servants, it is the same." The Lord loves us and we need to constantly turn to Him and he will help us in all that we do.

I love you guys! Thanks for all the sweet letters and packages. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. You are in my prayers!

--Hermana Morgan Burt

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