Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flight Plans, Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, & Happy Message!

Hey Mom, Dad, and Family!

Hope that you are all doing well and had a fabulous Easter! I most definitely did. I mean, how could you not have a great Easter when you are in the MTC surrounded by missionaries, great leaders, awesome speakers for the fireside, music...all of it combined to make a wonderful Easter. Thank you so much for the package. You were right, the chocolate in the package was no good--I'm assuming because it was "left in the car a few days" according to you. But that was just the Reese's and Hershey kisses. Everything else was wonderful, so THANK YOU so much. Again, I don't know why you always overnight the packages, it's really not that big of a deal, but whatever. Oh and don't worry about the Corn Bag, that's not a big deal either. And you mentioned you were going to send another package. Here is my suggestion: send it to the mission home in Texas because I have WAY too much stuff and I have no idea what I'm going to do...either have to ship it or somehow get a hold of another bag that I can carry on. SO, if you do think or want to send it here (I am here another week), then maybe including my pink duffel would be nice. If not, it's all good. Let me know though.

Ok, so the flight plans finally arrived last Thursday! Flight plan day is always a big day here at the MTC and all the other missionaries get jealous because they want them...well finally it was our turn! And the best news of all: the Pocatello boys aren't taking buses up to Idaho! They're flying with the rest of us! (Seriously, I don't think you understand how exciting of news this was. It's been a long running joke in our district and so when they opened it up in the cafeteria and saw that they were flying, we literally all cheered for them). So yeah, I leave next Tuesday, April 21. My flight leaves at 8:30 in the morning and I don't arrive in McAllen until 5 (because I have a 3 hour layover in Dallas). So that's very exciting news. Oh and it turns out, I did meet that one Sister who is going to McAllen. She is actually in a trio with 2 other sisters who are going to McAllen as well. I see them every once in a while and smile, wave, and say "Hola," but sadly, that's all we have time for...but I'm sure I'll get to know them very well in the not so distant future. Hooray!

So I have 2 "I'm such a missionary" moments for this week. The first one is that 2 (or maybe 3...I've lost track of time here) weeks ago we had Elder Featherstone--an emeritus 70--come and speak to us at our fireside. First off, this guy is a stud. His talk was awesome (well actually ALL of the 70s talks are amazing). But at the beginning, he mentioned that he had been on the committee that was in charge of getting the publication rights for the Spanish Bible. Well, he announced to us that day (and then I believe the next day it was announced on the LDS news website) that FINALLY, the church had procured the rights to publish the Bible in Spanish. This was another JUMPING for joy moment for all of the Spanish speaking missionaries. Because we use the Catholic version of the Bible, and it doesn't have any footnotes or cross references to the Book of Mormon (obviously) and the funniest part about it is that it has the Catholic "Plan of Salvation" (exact words, no joke) listed on the very last page. It's super funny to read, but definitely is missing QUITE a few real points. So yeah, anyways, when we heard that we got super excited. It is going to be published and available in September. I'm such a missionary...haha.

Ok and the other one: I was playing volleyball with the Elders last week (and yes, I know that I said I'd stop playing volleyball, but I already had done a really hard cardio workout, so I just decided that "10 minutes with the Elders on the court wouldn't hurt"). Well, let's just say that you know you're a missionary when you (meaning me and a few of the Elders) are quoting some of our favorite quotes from the movie "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration." Not just quoting them in between serves, but actually quoting them DURING the game, as we are setting it to another person, spiking the ball, etc. Some of our favorites are "Hey Joseph! Had any more of your visions lately!?"--Crazy Scottish Guy and "Well you suuur were misinformed." --Governor Boggs. Of course, these quotes only make sense when you do them with the proper accents. So yeah, go see this film again and again if possible. They show it here every two weeks and we love it.

So can I just say that Elders are hilarious? There, I said it. But yesterday during the "Health and Safety" departure meeting (...slightly boring, I'm not going to lie), one Elder got up and said the prayer and during it said, "And please bless us that we won't die or get killed." I looked up at him and so did everyone else, it was so random. Then later, the guy was talking about the importance of taking vitamin supplements every day and one Elder raises his hand and seriously asks, "Are gummy vitamins, ok?" Oh geese Louise... Gotta love them though.

So it's our last week here...crazy. My district is awesome and we are WAY more focused then a lot of the other districts (surprisingly, considering we have 11 people). But occasionally, for 5 minutes at a time random things will come up that are a bit off topic: such as the one Elder who was relating the song, "No One Mourns the Wicked" from "Wicked" to the Gospel, which resulted in me and two other Elders singing the song--me singing the super Soprano part of Glinda, of course. Seriously, I don't sing, but ever since I've been here, I sing all the time...And then another favorite discussion of mine was the debate about "Who is the 2nd Greatest Man who Ever Lived?" I didn't start this one but walked into the class as they were finishing it up. The narrowed it down to John the Baptist, Adam/Michael, Joseph Smith, Captain Moroni, and Elder Poulsen (an Elder in our district). They had tons of scripture references to back these up (well except the Elder Poulsen one), and it was hilarious. Still there isn't a consensus as to who is the winner. The world will never know...

So when Hermana Arellano was here she told me about this Elder--Elder Owens--who she deemed as "the most perfect guy ever. He's half Taiwanese/American, beautiful smile, awesome personality, serving in Taiwan, etc." I was like, "Hermana, why are you taking about this?!" Well, she became friends with him and showed me to him one day and wow...was she right. Haha, I don't know what it is about these Hybrid guys that are so attractive, but it's true. But anyways, she left weeks ago and I met him once and that was it. Well last Sunday, the day before he left he found me and came up to me and started talking (which was sort of weird because I've never really talked to him before) and then finally said that he really wanted my address and stuff. Haha, it was so random. But, he's super nice and told me a funny story about "Happy Message" (pretty much there was an Elder in Taiwan back in the day and the only Mandarin he knew was "Happy Message." And long story short, they ended up converting a lady because all he could say was "Happy Message! Happy Message!" and she had a dream years ago that a "Happy Message" would come to her), so I obliged. But random, eh?

So as you can tell, not much is going on here at the MTC. I mean, we teach around 3 lessons a day in the TEC to teachers, study, learn from our teachers, eat food, exercise, wake up, go to bed, etc. I can't wait till I get out and then I will have REAL stories. But I know that this Gospel is true. I'm learning every single day the importance of Jesus Christ, and his Gospel and Atonement in my life. I love studying the scriptures every day and will actually be sad when I leave this place. But onto bigger and better things!

Hermana Morgan Burt

P.S. Since I'm flying out next week, I don't' know when the next time I will be able to send an email will be. So, mom, DON'T freak out if you don't get one next week and then end up calling the Mission home, etc. It'll be alright. I'll let you know. Love you!

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