Monday, May 11, 2009

Ankles like Nephi, Drop Talks, and Kids

Hola Familia Burt!

What a wonderful week it has been. And wow, the week really does fly by--I can't believe that it's Monday again already. It was really nice to talk to everyone in the family yesterday--it was a real boost and I was so excited afterwards that I couldn't fall asleep until at least 11:45. It really is a blessing that we only get to call twice a year...But my favorite was when I was talking to Aydan and the first thing he said was, "Hi Morgan. Come home now." Haha, unfortunately for him, I'm not coming home just yet, I'm just getting started!

Sister Loftus is doing great. Her ankle is on the mend and I came across a scripture this morning that relates exactly to her: 1 Nephi 18: 15-16: "...and also mine ankles were much swollen, and great was the soreness thereof. Nevertheless, I did look unto my God, and I did praise him all the day long; and I did not murmur against the Lord because of mine afflictions." This is the most PERFECT scripture to describe Sister Loftus. At times, I could tell that her ankle was a bit uncomfortable, but she NEVER complained and always wanted to go out and work, work, work. She is always grateful and finds the positive in EVERYTHING. She is just like Nephi, not only in this scripture but in all things: strong, spiritually minded, focused, humble, obedient, determined--I could go on and on.

We had to drop one of our investigators last night. It was really sad because we love them so much and they are such an awesome family. But they wouldn't keep any of their commitments. On our last visit last night, we read with them in Mosiah 18--the chapter we had assigned for them the past 2 visits, yet hadn't yet. We feel that for the first time, they really recognized what the Book of Mormon is (or at least somewhat). Their 6-year-old daughter was reading along with them and we were discussing different sections and passages as we went along. It was really nice. We started talking about Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and how their family actually will be blessed if Juan stopped working on Sunday. He started trying to justify working on Sunday, using all sorts of different excuses and such. At that point, the Spirit was starting to leave, so we finished and left. It was really sad because they knew we weren't going to come back (at least for a while). But if they aren't coming to church, don't want to even be open to the fact that their baptisms weren't performed by the proper authority (because they ardently have told us numerous times that they don't see the need to be baptized again because they believe that their priest had the authority), aren't reading, praying, etc., then we've done all that we can. It's hard but we are so busy every week that week that we can't waste a minute. So we'll still pray for them.

A ton of people went home to Mexico this week for Mother's Day, so it was kind of different when a lot of our appointments fell through. (Oh, and did you know, that Mother's Day in Mexico is ALWAYS on May 10? So yesterday it just happened to fall on the same day as the American date, but yep, it's always one the 10th. Kind of interesting). But hopefully everyone will be back this week because we have lots of hope and things we're ready to teach our investigators this week!

It's interesting how spiritually sensitive and ready some of the kids are that we teach. We taught this one family last week and showed them the video "The Lamb of God" (because they had called to receive it). Oh and side note, The Lamb of God is about the last week of the Savior's life and I never realized how violent/horrific that movie is. But one of the girls left in the middle of it and started crying. We talked to her about it and she was just so sad that people would do that to anyone, let alone Jesus. Then when we told her the first vision story, she was completely in awe. She's about 11 and loves church, the Bible, etc. Then when we gave her a Book of Mormon, she was SO excited and held it in her hands as if it was encrusted in jewels. Similar experiences have happened with other kids we've taught. It's so sad because children in general are a lot more prepared, willing, and able to recognize the Spirit. They have natural desires to learn and do what is right. But the parents usually have none or are not as in tune. That's what makes it hard because we can't keep teaching some of our investigators--who are children--because their parents just simply don't care and the kids can't do it on their own; they can't drive themselves to church.

But anyways, life is great here. Texas is awesome. The weather is amazing and I love it. I can't believe how fast the days go by: it seems like I'm just barely getting up and ready for the day when the next thing I know, I'm hoping back in bed--dead tired. And it's so great because for the whole 9 weeks that I was in the MTC, I couldn't fall asleep until after 11:30 every night (at least!). But here (well, except for last night), I fall asleep within 5 minutes and don't wake up until my alarm sounds. It's great that I finally can have 8 wonderful hours of sleep again!

Anyways, sorry this email is so lame. I just really have nothing much to talk about that I didn't already say yesterday. Tell Dior I'm super proud of her and for her to keep sticking with it. Tell Matt that I'm ecstatic for him and his "Rim to Rim to Rim" 50 mile run at the Grand Canyon (also tell him he needs to get his feet massaged or something because that's brutal). Tell Marshall good luck at State! Tell Stevo that I love him and for him to keep on truckin' till the very end! And I love both you and dad so much! It was wonderful to hear from you!

Hermana Burt

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