Monday, June 8, 2009

2 Sisters, 2 Areas, 2 Cars, 2 Phones = 100 times the fun!


First off... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little Bro! AKA Elder Steven Burt! Hope it was wonderful. No better way to spend your 21st birthday than on the mission (haha, at least that's better than how I spent mine: 2 finals (spent all day studding in the library, then took one final from 5-7pm and the other from 8-10 pm, then got home to an empty apartment because it was the last day of finals and all my roommates had already flown home for the winter holidays. was suuuuper special...Haha)

So anyways, how is everyone doing? Surprisingly (well, actually not surprisingly), I am doing rather well! I have some crazy loco news for you all: this transfer I'm TRAINING. I actually have known that I would be training from my very first interview with President Miller. We have 5 new sisters coming in and not enough veteran sisters to train (trust me, I've talked to President quite a few times about's been a logistical mess from him to figure this out). But things are happening the way the Lord wants: resulting in me training on my 2nd transfer in the field. I'm really glad that he told me 6 weeks before it happened; it really allowed me to mentally prepare myself for it. And now that it's here, I'm all good.

Oh, but that's the thing: it's not here yet. The new missionaries are still quarantined for at least another week and a half. SO, I'm with Sister Behrmann! She was one of the other sisters that we live with. Her companion went down to San Benito to get ready to train. Sister Behrmann is training for the first time this transfer too. Anyways, since both of our new companions aren't here yet, we're companions and we're working BOTH of our areas: Mission and Edinburg. Yep, so that's 2 sisters, 2 cars, 2 phones, 2 times the investigators, half the time to see them all...= 100 times the fun! It's actually been kind of tough trying to figure everything out: we both want to keep working in our areas and keep them alive. Our organization and time management skills have really had to come out in full force.

But anyways, Ah... I can't say enough good things about Sister Behrmann. She is a truly amazing, DEDICATED, hard-working missionary. I've learned SO much from her already and can't wait to see what the next week and a half brings. I love this Sister to death. It's kind of crazy because our personalities are INCREDIBLY similar. We have the same tastes, likes, dislikes, sense of humor--it's actually been a blast this past week with her. Whenever I have a question about something that I want to know about her, I have learned I just need to ask myself first, "What would my response be to that question?" And then I know my answer. Haha, well actually, there's one thing in common we discovered that is different: I love cottage cheese but can't eat it plain (I always have to put fruit or something else in it to make it tasty) and she can't stand anything in her cottage cheese. So, yeah. One difference isn't that bad.

We have the whole apartment to ourselves so we also completely moved around the furniture in the apartment and did a major cleaning of the whole place and now it just feels more like a clean, neat, organized home--a refuge for when we come home during breaks or for the night (rather than a dark, dirty, cluttered space where we just eat and sleep). This too has made a huge difference. Although, the lighting situation in our apartment is pretty grim and dismal...but we'll try to manage and scrounge around for some more lamps.

I'm beginning to realize how hard Satan works against the work of the Lord. Our amazing baptismal candidate--Margarita--we just realized that she is not married to her husband (even though we already had asked her if she was married and she said "yes"). I had the feeling that I needed to ask again (because her baptism is in 2 weeks) and this time ask if she had marriage papers...and she said, "No." Ok, no big problem, easy fix. EXCEPT we also found out 10 seconds later that her husband is married to someone else and they have no clue where she is...This is the same situation with one of our other baptismal dates--Theresa. I really don't know what to a missionary, I don't have the ability or permission (or even the know-how) to work on finding these missing people and getting them divorced. These investigators really are AMAZING, but this is a huge obstacle and road block that Satan has put in my way and I don't know how to over come. The only thing I can do is pray and trust in the Lord.

Anyways, I would write a longer email, but we have tons and tons of stuff to do today. Next week will be longer, I promise. But this church is 100% true. Sometimes we leave lessons with investigators thinking, "How could they not get it?" But in those situations I need to repent and just humble myself. Not everyone is ready, willing, or even wanting to know the truth. But I know for myself that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored through a modern prophet. Jesus Christ is central to the plan of salvation which is our only way to be happy for eternity. We have all that we need in this gospel and church to know what we need to do. There's always more we can do, which is what we should be asking ourselves every single day.

I love being a missionary.
--Sister Burt

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