Monday, June 15, 2009

When I grow up, I dont' want to wear a tie, or a serious expression, in the middle of July! (Instead, I want to marry a girl like her someday)


Ok, first off, I got 2 letter this week from Chelsea and Alex saying, "Oh my gosh, I can't believe you got quarantined because of the swine flu!" Haha, to set the record straight (maybe I mistyped it in one of my emails): I did not get quarantined, the all 2000 missionaries at the MTC did! Haha, but I think it's all over now. They fly in tonight and we start working them tomorrow!

Wow, it's been a pretty amazing week with Sister Behrmann. She really is an amazing companion and I'm REALLY going to miss being companions with her, but the Lord called us together to serve during this short time for a reason. I'm grateful for this opportunity.

So we were over at the "blue apartments," (because they don't have an official name as far as we can tell) where 2 families of investigators live. There's only about 18 apartments and they all face this grassy (and dirty, there's glass all over the place) area where the kids can play, people hang out, etc. So, pretty much, we've talked to EVERYONE in this complex (people are ALWAYS outside, so it's pretty easy to get to know everyone). So now we just pass everyone and just wave and say "Hi" because we know they're not interested. But one of our investigators was outside her neighbors house, so we started talking to her a bit, then started talking to her friend. We invited her friend and her family to the ward's Father's Day Celebration that they were having this Friday (emphasizing the fact that there would be TONS of free food--because this lady has about 6 kids). Her friend thanked us for the invite and then told us that her son told her the other day that he sees us come by everyday and can tell that there's something different about us. And that "When I grow up, I want to marry a girl like them." Hahaha, this kid is 12. But the mom said that she knew that we were from the church and that there was something different that she liked. We were shocked because she was definitely not interested, but we used this as an opportunity to ask if we could come by again and talk to her more about the church. She totally accepted. What a witness to me! People really are watching you in all things that you do: even if it means you are just walking 200 feet from your car to your investigator's door. I still think it's a hoot that that little boy said that he'd want to marry a girl like us one day. My answer to him (and no, I didn't really say this to him): you can! But let's work on baptism first. Haha.

Also, this week has been a one of mini-sacrifices and me having to make some “executive decisions.” For example, two of our investigators were supposed to be baptized on the 20th (this Saturday). But Margarita isn’t married, and it will be a while until her husband can get his act together to try to get divorced from his other wife…so…her baptismal date dropped and she knew it. She was really sad because she has such a strong testimony. But her daughter—Brenda—still could have been baptized this week and really really wants to. But I didn’t feel right about it. There’s a recent convert in my area who is 11 and she was baptized and the mom wasn’t because she was waiting to get married. Here is over a year later and the mom is still in the exact same place with her marriage situation and Gabby is completely inactive as a result. I don’t want this for this family. So I told them that it would be best for them to get baptized together. Brenda really wants to get baptized and I think that she really will be the motivating factor to help her mom push the husband to settle his situation. Also, I decided to give up of investigators to the Elders. Joe and his wife are having marital problems (and, we found a teaching record for them from 7 years ago and even back THEN they were having maritail problems). But the whole family and Joe is interested, except the wife. And they’ve come to church and REALLY want a happy family (Joe is to the point where he wants to give up and leave, but he refuses because then he knows that he’s teaching his kids that it’s ok to pick up and leave in marriage, life, etc.). But Sister Behrmann and I felt that 2 girls coming over, teaching the family, and saying things like, “It’s ok, Joe. Everything will be alright.” Probably wasn’t helping with the marriage problems; I think the wife isnt’ a fan of two young girls coming over. So, we felt that Joe and his family needs the Elders to come by: two strong examples of Priesthood Holders. It was sad to hand them over, but they really weren’t progressing with us. So hopefully, the Elders can.

Hope you have a great week everyone. Thanks for all your love, support, guidance, and prayers!

--Sister Burt

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