Monday, July 20, 2009


Hello family,

Hello, all the way up here from the grand ol' city of Beeville. I officially was transferred to the northernmost area in the ENTIRE mission: Beeville! There actually weren't any sisters here for a long time, but I'm reopening it. Beeville is a little town between Corpus and San Antonio (it takes about an hour to get to either of those cities). Even though we're in "Beeville," we also visit a few other neighboring cities like Skidmore, Norpana, um and others which I can't remember the names of. Beeville has a little junior college here that has a pretty prestigious Dental Hygiene program. This is actually the same school that Stacey Morrison Vanderpool went too. Actually, the Sisters who were in this area a few months before, said that they knew Stacey and that she was AWESOME and always helped with the missionary work. Stacey graduated, so she's not here anymore. Bummer. But yes, they have Sisters in this area because most of the students at the school are young single girls. So, Sisters obviously are the best choice.

But in case you couldn't tell, I'm whitewashing this area. And yikes, it's hard starting all the way from scratch. AND I'm training...AGAIN. My new companion's name is Sister Kashia Bustillos. Haha, which is SO weird because I actually already KNEW Sister Bustillos before my mission. We lived in the same ward in Provo for a year and then for about 2 months she was one of my roommates. Well, kind of. When she was my roommate, she was in a play and going to hair school, so she would wake up WAY earlier than any one else, then come home early and go straight to bed. So we didn't' get the chance to see very much or get to know her really well. Sad, but now I'll get to know her WAY more and better. She is SO cute, I love her so much. She is half Mexican and BEAUTIFUL. Long dark hair, pretty green eyes, super thin. She actually maybe wants to be Jasmine at Disneyland when she gets home and I definitely think she could do it because she sings and dances too and is WAY prettier than a lot of the Jasmine's I've seen there. Haha, and get this. She's a CRAZY Disney and Disneyland fan like me! Haha, she is from Orange County and so LOVES Disney and would go all the time. We don't really talk about our Disney obsessions very much but we are total fanatics together. Anyways, Sister Bustillos is amazing and love her so much. She's fresh and new and it's awesome. She has such a strong testimony and love for the Lord and has really jumped into the missionary work here.

Sister Bustillos and I are slowly getting accommodated to Beeville. It's definitely a lot different than what I'm used to in the valley. It's very hard to get into doors and homes. Everyone is very religious here. People are mostly Methodist and Lutheran. And peoples don't just "say" their those things, they actually go to church every Sunday. And when I mean everyone, I mean nearly everyone. No doubt every door we knock, the person will tell us what church they go to and that they're not interested because "they're very set and comfortable in their church." I don't think I've ever been told to go and read my Bible more times in my life. Haha. In the valley, everyone was Catholic or Pentecostal, yet despite that, they let you into their homes. But there, people would let you in and wouldn't be serious about it; I'm learning here that if they let you in, then they really are serious and will listen.

We have some great new investigators though. A young, 19-year-old man named Victor. AND he came to church, all dressed up in a nice shirt and tie: the whole shabaang. He really is sincere and is progressing really quickly. His baptismal date is August 15th, so we'll really have to see him every other day and make sure that he has a firm testimony. He's going into the Army in October, so we don't want him to fall away just a few months after he's baptized. We found another family--the Head family--and they are great too. At first Damien was a bit unsure about Joseph Smith because he's never even heard his name before (and he still is, to be honest, because we've only visited them twice). But that's why we are here, to help him learn and grow in his testimony of the Restored Gospel.

Anyways, that's about it for us. Just trying to figure out what to do. Whitewashing is kind of stressful, I'm not going to lie. I have no clue what's going on or how to handle everything, but that's ok because the Lord choose me to come here and I know I can do it. It's a LOT different here (oh, in case I didn't mention, there is NO Spanish spoken up here :( ), but that's ok because I'm supposed to be here. We're doing the work here in the absolute best way that we can.

--Sister Burt

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