Monday, July 13, 2009

Did you get my Little Note?


Ok, I am SOOOO flustered right now, you can't even imagine. Everything was great up until last night while we were planning. Ahem, this is kind of an important story, so I'll just start from the beginning.

Last night, we got home and were planning. Then in the middle of it, we get a call from Sergio. Sergio is a recent convert who was baptized about two months ago. We are now teaching his mom and sister because he really loves the Gospel and wants them to be baptized. So we've been teaching them for about a month. They are progressing slowly and we love both of them. Joanna--the sister--is 21 -years-old, is separated from her husband of 2 years, and has a 10-month-old baby boy; Rosa--the mom--is Catholic and totally was NOT interested at first, but she has been reading in the Book of Mormon a lot and is slowly progressing. Anyways, Sergio always is at the lessons. He's a bit shy, but he has a strong testimony. He is about 26, also separated from his wife of about 6 years and lives with Rosa and Joanna right now. Earlier that night, he invited us over to their house to have a Carne Asada (aka a ridiculous amount of meat, tortillas, and other stuff). So we thought this was a good idea, so we could teach them another lesson.

Anyways, back to the story: so we get a call from him and Sister Osborne always answers the phone (I'm in charge of the car). She starts talking and Sergio says, "Hey, could you do me a huge favor and can I talk to Sister Burt?" So I got on the phone and he says, "Hey Sister Burt. How are you doing? I was just calling...did you get my little note that I put in your bag?" What?...At this point, I looked down at my bag and see the "little note" tucked into one of the pockets. I tell him that I just noticed it and that I hadn't. He told me that he was just calling to make sure I got it and to let him know what I get the chance to read it. Ooookay. So I hang up the phone and Sister Osborne and I look at each other with big eyes and then immediately jump onto our knees to pray to finish up our planning session.

So I started reading the note out loud to Sister Osborne. At first we really couldn't make any sure guesses about what it was about. We thought it another situation with him: he told us a few weeks ago that his street is a HUGE drug dealing street and that one of our other investigators and the investigator's mom were HUGE drug dealers. So we thought it was more info about that. Boy were we wrong.

I don't have the note anymore, but I'll tell you what I remember. At the beginning it mentioned how he knows how it's hard being on a mission and being far away from home, but to "hang in there." Ok, nothing sketchy yet. Then he said that he was writing this not to tell me about the "emotions he's had for me" and essentially wanting to know if I felt the same where. He mentioned things about how when I talk to him with my "gorgeous, beautiful eyes" (which I don't' know where he's getting that, because let's be honest. I don't wear much eye makeup these days) and how that he feels he's known me forever. That the very first time he saw me at church and was introduced to me that he felt that "I had punched him in the heart." Yikes...Anyways, he mentioned that he loves my personality, the way I talk to him, the whole shabang. I think you get the picture. Numerous times in the letter (2 pages long, I might add), he mentioned and pleaded to know whether I felt the same way and to let him know. Not to "leave him hanging." He always mentioned that he didn't know if this was the appropriate way to tell me, but he couldn't figure out any other way. My favorite part of the letter was when he signed it, "Respectfully done by, Sergio."


You can imagine Sister Osborne's and my reaction. It's probably like yours right now times 100. I had no clue what inspired this attraction because I can ASSURE you (Sister Osborne is my witness) that I am NOT a flirt. I don't know how. ESPECIALLY in missionary work, I'm "all business" to the point where I think I'm a bit too serious. Anyways, I run down and show Sister Behrmann and she says, "Uh oh, looks like someone's going to get Emergency Transferred."

Anyways, I told Sergio I'd call him back, so I did right then and there. I told him straight up that I definitely do not feel the same way because I'm a missionary and I'm 100% focused on the work. That missionary's don't date. That I don't have feelings like while I'm on the mission: not for him, not for anyone. I'm all business, as I said earlier. I said a few other things, but then to finish it off I said that he is married still! And that this is definitely not a good thing Law of Chastity-wise (because let's me honest, since he's married, and acted on these thoughts by writing me a letter, he's committing a form of adultery). Anyways, I made it clear that I still am excited to teach his family, but that I don't feel that way for him.

After that lovely phone call, I decided not to do anything about it and give me to some to think about the whole situation before I rushed and called President. I didn't want to get transferred :( We have so many great, progressing (finally) investigators. PLUS, I LOVE Sister Osborne. She is SO amazing and we get along SOOOOOO well. I actually was really selfish and didn't want to get a new companion when I had such a great thing going with her. She is learning more and more every day, and I'm learning so much from her. We really are best friends.

I slept on it and everything was fine, but I still was a bit disturbed. Then this morning I was reading in Mosiah 20 and the first three verses were definitely pointed at me. It is the chapter where the Priests of Noah are wandering in the wilderness and they can't go back to their wives and children, but then they see the daughters of the Lamanites dancing and singing by the water, and then lust after them and kidnap them. Ok, yikes. Definitely after reading that, I knew it wasn't a coincidence and I called Sister Miller. I decided that this was serious and I couldn't be selfish. So I asked Sister Miller if President Miller was in the office and that I needed to talk to him. She said that he actually was at the mission home. So after our studies, we jumped in the car and went to the mission home to have a chat. I already told Sister Miller a little bit about the situation and so when we got there, President Miller already knew a little bit.

So I told him the whole situation, he read the letter and then the first thing he says is, "Well, you know you're getting transferred right?" Bummer, but let's be honest. I was expecting it. SO luckily, transfers are this week anyways. He said that "we're going to have to send you up North, to Corpus or Beeville." Haha, pretty much, I'm getting sent to the FARTHEST area possible from where I am now. And the North is ALL English. Kind of a bummer, but obviously this happened for a reason. I will go where the Lord wants me to go, and if he wants me to go up North and teach in English, then I will go and do. But President said that there is a 50% chance that most likely Sister Osborne will still be my companion. Yay! But who knows. Transfers are always crazy and no one really knows until you get the call.

So yes. That is my story. I am officially getting transferred. I have no clue where, but that's ok. Anyways, I'm all out of time, but I wanted to let you know about my situation. It's ACTUALLY pretty hilarious yet awesome. At least I can start packing my bags NOW, rather than at 10:30 at night when I'd normally get the transfer call.

See you all up North!

Respectfully done by,
Sister Morgan Burt ;)

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