Monday, August 31, 2009

Me and Nathan--Victor's son--at Victor's baptism
Me knocking a random door in Beeville.
Us working one of the nicer streets in Beeville.
Us again! :)
Us again, but laughing this time because we're such dorks.
This house in a town (village?) called Berclaire had horses living in it.
Picture of all the missionaries, Mike McKibben (the ward Mission leader), and Victor Campos (he was baptized).
Picture of a recent convert's--Theresa Haws--house. Isn't it cute? It's very eccentric. VERY Theresa.
Another one of her house
Me getting my hair done. Sister Bustillos went to hair school. It's a pretty sweet deal.
My blonde hair! Yes, I know it's a bit goldeny...that's because we didn't have ANY time to do it and didn't leave it in long enough. So, we bought purple shampoo to fix the problem.
Us again.
Preaching to everyone--even the horses.
Role playing to Mrs. (soon to be Sister) Potato Head. She has a lot of doubts, but she's progressing. (And just an explanation for this picture. We role play things every morning and we have this random Mrs. Potato Head, so we role play to her). :)

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