Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The "Mission" at the Libary, Door Slam Gone Wrong, and Quotables

Hey Everyone!

Oh gotta love the Beeville public library: there are these two guys here at the library and they are playing World of Warcraft together. It's hilarious because they're talking to each other about their "mission" and stuff. One of them just yelled, "You gotta get out of there! Now, now, now! Seriously, dude, you'll compromise the mission." Haha, I'm SO glad that I was never into any of that stuff. Being on a mission really puts a LOT of things into perspective: time wasted on the Internet, playing video games [or I suppose in my case, strategy board games, but then again, I still don't consider those a waste of time and I think that Brother Garner will agree with me :)], sitting around doing nothing, sleeping in way late, etc.

This has been such a wonderful week! Transfers are this week, but Sister Bustillos and I are pretty certain that we are going to be staying together up here in Beeville, which is AWESOME. I seriously love the girl so much and I'm excited (knock on wood) to actually be with a companion longer than one transfer. We're really getting into the groove with teaching, contacting, reading each others thoughts, becoming amazing friends, having a great time--all things which I don't want to end so quickly. So here's hoping!

So here's a funny story. We were contacting in this neighborhood and we got to this old run down home (we were on the west side of town and literally, the West side is pretty run down and the East side is super nice. All separated by one small, little Main Street). Anyways, we knock on this door and the old Mexican lady immediately says, "No, sorry, I'm not busy right now. NOT interested." I tried to but in and ask her another question, but she SLAMMED the door. The door didn't slam the right way, but instead you just heard this loud, "Meeeoooow!" Hahaha, she totally slammed her cat in the door. It was the funniest thing ever and I looked at Sister Bustillos and we held in our laughs till we could get off her property and down the street until we could permit ourselves to roar with laughter.

But yeah, I don't really know what else to say this week, so I've decided to write down some of my favorite quotes that we've heard over the past few weeks from the mouth of the good old folks here in Beeville. Without further ado, here are the top pics (also, they may not be very funny to you guys, but to me their hilarious):

* "I'm already MY Holy Ghost." --Lorenzo, an old Mexican man who was baptized about a year ago. He's so awesome. He goes out with us to lessons ANY time we ask him and he's so funny because if someone's not home, he'll knock on their windows, go around the back and try. He LOVES the Gospel!

* "All I know where to go is HEB, Wal-Mart, and Curves."--Sister Wyble, a voluptuous member of the Beeville Branch who lives out in the country (the one who reminds me of Mrs. Hoggett from Babe). HEB is the ONLY grocery store they have here in Texas (no Albertsons, Smith's, Safeway, nada!) and Curves refers to "Curves for Women." Haha.

* "You all stay dehydrated now. It's hot out there."--Random Man

* "Well, there were some blonde people who lived in that yellow house over there. But they don't live there no more."--the response an old Catholic lady gave us when asked if she knew a Mark who was blonde.

* "If I were an actual person..." --Elder Carreon. So true, us missionaries are not actual people.

* "I'm going to buy him some of those little doggie treats at Wal-Mart. He likes them in his ice cream."--Danny, a Vietnam veteran who we were teaching who is OBSESSED with his dog Spike. So much that whenever we've seen him and his sister driving around here, Spike gets the front seat and his sister, Mary-Kay, sits in the back.

* "For all I know, you're angels and don't have birthdays."--Henry, a man we taught from Ireland. Apparently angels don't have birthdays. News to me.

* "I'd read it and freakin' put in on a chain like Flava Flave!"--the response Ben, this young black football player at the High School, gave when asked, "If you found a gold book in the ground that you couldn't read, what would you do with it?"

So there you have it.

Yesterday was really neat because in all of our lessons we taught about the Book of Mormon. I loved it! I love the Book of Mormon so much. It truly is the word of God. I loved being able to teach about it lesson after lesson. All of the investigators have different needs and we were able to tailor the way we presented the Book of Mormon to them accordingly. One man is very devout and religious; he listens to all these ministers on the radio and studies vigorously. He doesn't see the need for more scripture; "the Bible is enough." Another investigator has heard of it, but never had the chance to read it. She is searching for the right church, wants to feel comfortable in church for the first time in her life, she's willing to follow God's will even if it does "turn out to be Mormons who everyone gives such a bad rap and talks bad about." And finally there's the cute couple, who are searching for more direction and guidance in their lives. They've never heard of the Book of Mormon and are intrigued by the idea of modern prophets. We taught all these lessons differently, yet the Spirit was powerful in each one. I love the Book of Mormon. It is scripture saved for our day, which contains the fullness of the Gospel. We can liken it unto ourselves, as Nephi taught as he was counseling his brothers. We should cherish and love it every single day because it truly is a MIRACLE from God that we have it in our hands today.

But I love you all so much. Thanks for all the love and support. I feel the Lord's love and hand in my life every day. I'm learning how to recognize it more and rely on Him for my entire strength. I love who I am becoming on the mission. It's been 6 months and I can see the growth. I can see how I've grown and changed as a missionary, teacher, friend, daughter. This life is about progression because that's what our destiny is: eternal progression.

Sister Burt

P.S. I just heard one of the Warcraft guys--who has to be at least 25--say, "Oh crap dude, that's my mom calling to pick me up. I totally lost track of the time. I have to go right now, but I'm so sorry. Tell the team, I'm sorry." Oh dear. Moral of the story: go to college, stay out of Warcraft, read the Book of Mormon.

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