Monday, August 31, 2009

Not Happy, Bob.


My email account last week was reaching it's capacity, so last week I deleted a bunch of emails to clear it out. But the more I deleted, the fuller and fuller the mailbox became until it reached 100%. I thought it just needed time to clear out, but when I got on here this week, there were no new emails--neither from friends, family, etc nor from the mission. So yeah, I'm actually really bummed right now because I didn't get any emails and now I have no desires to even write an email since I've already wasted more than half of my email time trying to get the whole situation figured out. I may just have to get a new account.

So I guess I'll just send some pictures today.

Anyways, thanks Mom for the Spanish workbook you sent me. It's perfect! I feel like I'm in school doing homework assignments, which is what I love.

Ok, can I just say that I love investigators? (Even though they may not love us) Haha, for example. We have this investigator named David--he's an older (50s) man who doesn't have a job, he usually is just sitting in his big armchair outside. Well, he also likes to miss appointments and will not answer the door. So we drove by his house, but we made sure to creep up to it and hide the car behind the huge hedges that he has. As we were doing so, we could see him sitting in his chair, we were getting ready to get out and suddenly, his head pops up and he sees us through the hedge. Then he JUMPS up and runs to the door, but the door had this little gate on it and so it took him a second to open it before he could escape inside. It was hilarious, I've never seen someone move so fast. Well, the instant I saw him bolt up, I started honking the horn as if to say, "Yes! We see you! We know you are there!" When we walked up to his house and knocked on the door, no one answered (of course). Finally, we keep knocking and Sister Bustillos starts yelling, "DAVID! We know you're in there! It's the Sisters!" And finally, after a while, David comes out and says "Oh hey, sorry I didn't hear you, I was just sleeping." Riiiight.

I have a CRAZY story that I really want to tell, but it would take a long time to write. And I don't have time. I'll just write it next week I guess.

Hope everyone's doing well. I still am even though I'm a bit deflated right now.

Sister Burt

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