Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Putt-in'!, Zone Conference, and Real Conference

Familia Burt,
Hey everyone! Hope things are going grand. Thanks for the email. I got moms, but not Dior's (supposedly, she was supposed to send me one, but I never got it). First off, I got my blood pressure taken when I got my teeth cleaned. They had this fancy automatic, new device that they put on your wrist and it takes it. I'm glad you are concerned about my b/p too, because no one else here seems to care or think it's a big deal. Haha.
Oh! So everyone needs to go and read the October Ensign. My Mission is is it! I actually don't have it, but the title is something about members sharing the Gospel here down south or in south Texas. But it's so sweet because the lady on the first page of the article, I MET here. She is an AMAZING member missionary and such a rockstar! I have a list of "idols" (but not like idol idols, but people (mostly women) I just look up to or have certain qualities that I admire). And my trainer--Sister Loftus--is in the picture with all the Sister missionaries--the blonde one. We actually haven't even been able to read it because we get the Liahona in Spanish and the Ensign in English. But we always get the English version about a month after the Spanish. That would be fine, but in the October Liahona, they cut that article out. Bummer!
Oh this is really random and old new, but Dad would be proud. A few weeks ago, we had zone training during interviews. We played a scripture chase game and the top 2 winners who found the reference (out of the 500 or so that are listed in the lessons for Preach My Gospel), got to go up and put this golf ball into a glass cup. There will three different point values: 1 (for the really easy one 3 feet away), 5 (about 10 feet away), and 10 (15 feet away). Well, I haven't played golf in a while (obviously), but I got a ton of the scriptures. If you were the first person to find it and put your hand up, you got an extra put. Well, I was first quite a few times and went to the 10 foot every time. And I made it nearly every time! I probably went up about 10 or more times. And made my "extra" shots, whenever I was first. At first my team was so ecstatic and shocked that I made the far putt (which, few others could make), but eventually they just stopped cheering and making a big deal out of it because I made it so many times in a row. Haha. I felt like I was playing the "Hole in One" game from Price is Right. Good Times. Anyways, Dad, I thank you for the putting skills!
Last week was Zone Conference. Elder Nielson and his wife, Marcia, came and spoke. He is a new 70 who was called this past April. Holy Moley it was a spiritual experience. It wasn't structured and formalized, like other zone conferences have been, but was led and directed by the Spirit. Sister Nielson was INCREDIBLE! Like I've said before, I've met or encountered so many amazing women here on my mission. Anyways, I don't have time to write all that I learned, but just know that I did. ;)
For the first time since we've been here in Beeville, we taught a full-fledged family: a mom, dad, and multiple kids! It was such an awesome experience because we've taught part families (mostly the mom and sometimes her kids), but this time was different. The dad was the one who was most interested. We haven't been able to see them since, but we have an appointment later this week and we are so excited for them. The Gospel really is all about families.
I'm really excited for Conference this week. I hope everyone else is too. We watched the Relief Society General Broadcast and it was so amazing. Honestly, I never watched that before my mission, but now any chance that I get, I eat it up. Those women are amazing. I especially love Sister Thomsen. She's definitely on my list. But I hope that everyone is preparing themselves for Conference. Last conference, I prayed and wrote down any questions that I had. I compiled a list of about 25 questions and I was so surprised when from the very first talk given, I received answers. By the end of conference, all of them were answered. Maybe the family should do this for FHE tonight. It really made my conference experience that much more worthwhile and significant. But yeah, I can't WAIT!
--Sister Burt
P.S.I thought I sent you an email with little things that I wanted, I included a list in my last package, but I forgot some. So, I'm adding these. If you've sent the package, great. Don't worry about it. If not, then if these could get added in...I'd love it! :)--Perfume: because it makes me feel clean and fresh. Even if you just pick up a ton of samples from the mall, I wouldn't care. But I love "Very Sexy" from Victoria Secret. Or Burberry Brit. Juicy. Ja'dore. Honestly, anything will do.--My Hair-dyer diffuser attachment: I've been using Sister Bustillos and love it. I NEVER used one before because I only thought it was for curly-haired girls, but it actually works wonders on my waves. It's under my bathroom sink and is this big black thing...it has pookey things coming out of it. Not quite sure how to explain it. But it's under there.--Proactiv Face Mask: It should be under my sink, in my cupboard, medicine cabinet. Actually, there should be a few of them scattered in my bathroom. Just send 2 or 3 or however many you can find. I love them (and so does my companion) and actually the Elders have been using up all mine. So luckily I have tons of extras. They're in a white package that's about 2-3 inches tall.--Biosilk Silk Serum: get it at Costco because it's SUPER cheap there (like 8-10 bucks). Oh also, I asked for that curl product from "Big Sexy", but don't worry about it.
Thanks! Love you all!

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