Monday, October 26, 2009

Daily Special: Rice and Beans

Hey Familia,

Things are going great here in Texas. It's raining like crazy though. Yikes. I'm not so much a fan. My companion loves tracting and working in the rain, but as for me...not so much. I try not to make a big deal about it. I'm a missionary in Texas a little rain (ok, actually it's been CRAZY these past few weeks) is nothing compared to a missionary serving in Forks, WA or Louisiana. So, I've learned to stop "murmuring" and just go out and work! But I'm not going to lie, my socks and skirt is SOAKED right now and I'm super excited to get back to the apartment and put on some sweats and warm, fuzzy socks!

We are teaching a part-member family named the Gonzales Family. It consists of the mom, dad, and 3 girls. All are baptized except for the youngest, Beyonce, who is 8. The family was baptized a few years ago, but then became inactive. Missionaries came once every few months over the past few years to try and reactivate them, but nothing ever happened. The mom had lost her testimony completely about the church, chooses to work on Sundays, and actually only quit smoking for about 1 month before her baptism. Jesse has been in and out of jail, all for unpaid child support for his daughters who he hasn't seen in years and has no idea where they are because the birth mother won't tell him. It's a sad situation. The 3 girls are all Geneva's girls and aren't adopted by Jesse, but in reality, he's their father. They can't be adopted by him because Geneva's ex-husband won't allow it, even though he hasn't been seen in forever either. Seeing situations like this make me so sad. We love this family so much, yet past mistakes has permitted Satan to ensnare them in his web of despair. We got here in July and went to visit them. They loved us and we talked for a long time. They started inviting us over for dinner once a week, even though they don't really have enough for themselves. Let me paint the picture of this family for you: They live in a tiny, little square of a home (built on cinder blocks, of course, all houses here in Texas as built on cinder blocks). There are spider webs and spiders ALL on their ceiling (Jesse likes them because he says they keep other bugs away, but for me, it's kinda creepy because they hang RIGHT over your head as you're teaching!), cockroaches, they own about 20 dogs and cats, 7 of which live in the house. Geneva works at Whattaburger on minimum wage, while Jesse stays at home and does the domestic things because if he works, then he has to pay all of it for child support which only leaves him with $20 per paycheck afterwards. Jesse cooks and is AMAZING--their rice, beans, and homemade tortillas are the BEST that I've had here on the mission (and I get it once a week!). The family doesn't really do much. They don't have a car, but they borrow seasons of TV shows from a friend at Geneva's work. When we first came over they were into Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed, but now they are on season 7 of Smallville (one of my faves!). It's funny actually because I never finished season 7 or 8 of the show because things got busy and I didn't care. But of course now that I'm on the mission, Satan is trying to tempt me by thinking, "You loved Smallville! Don't you miss it?" Haha. I just ignore it. If I really want to watch it or talk about it, it'll be there when I get back.

Well, we have come by every week for the past 4 months. At first, it seemed like our efforts were futile and useless. We gave them reading assignments, made an FHE chart, taught lessons, did this, did that, but they never did any of it and never came to church. Finally, one Sunday they came to church. Then that Sunday became two! They haven't been able to consistently come every week, but their progress has been SO much better. It's hard because Brother Gonzales thinks that everyone at church judges him because he's asked SO many people for money and owes practically everyone money from when he used to lie and say it was for his girls, but when in reality it was for beer. He doesn't drink anymore, but people are still a bit skeptical. It's hard as a missionary because we have seen the change from within, but no one else wants to accept that change. Of course the week after he started coming to church with the girls, this random bond came up that he had to pay or else he'd go to jail (thanks to Satan). And he needed money. So now everyone thinks that the only reason he comes to church is to get money, then he bails and never comes again. It's not true. It hurts his feelings and he was almost ready to give up on the church. We sat and talked with him and after only 10 minutes, he realized that he needed to humble himself and that it's not about the people, it's about the church. It's not about him, it's about the girls. Now Beyonce has a baptismal date and we eat with them 3 times a week (yikes...there's only so much beans and rice a body can take. :) But I love it, it's so worth it). They love when we come and are making the necessary changes to bring their life back together. It took a while, but through our persistent, constant effort, we were able to help them START on the path that leads back to church. Beyonce is supposed to be baptized on the 14th--they wanted it to be before transfers because they don't want one of us to be gone. :) How cute. I love them so much. I'll have to send pictures soon.

Yesterday was Stake Conference in the Corpus Christi Stake. So, we got to drive down and attend the Sunday session. It was seriously the best stake conference I've ever been too and I heard that the adult Saturday evening session was 10x BETTER than Sunday. But, I'm appreciative that we even got to go. I learned SO much. My take on the Sabbath day has completely changed since I've been serving. I used to always love Sundays, but now I LOVE Sundays. I love the boost that always comes from the Spirit during church. I love the insights and the testimonies. The strength and invigoration that we get whenever we attend, actively participate in the ordinance of the sacrament, and worship our Heavenly Father. The 2 hours of the conference flew by and I took so many notes.

The Stake Presidency was reorganized and so Elder Zwick from the 70 came, along with Elder Villareal--an area 70. My Mission President and his wife also spoke. Elder Zwick's talk was inspiriting and edifying. He spoke about a ton of things, but I'll just share one of the points he shared at the end. He read Helaman 5:12 which talks about that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, which is a sure foundation, upon which we are built. Then he asked the question, "How do we build a sure foundation?" He proposed 4 things that we should all do to accomplish this:

1) Seek the Companionship of the Holy Ghost
2) Nurture your faith by DAILY scripture study and daily prayer
3) Keep the commandments
--1 John 2:3
4) Follow the Prophet
--Go and listen to the talks again from Conference. By the Conference edition of the Ensign and read and study it. Use it in your daily personal study and in your family home evenings.

I know that if we all strive to do those 4 things, that we will continue to build ourselves on that sure foundation. None of us or families are perfect, but that's what so amazing about the Gospel is that it allows each of us to learn, change, grow, and become better. It's a continual process throughout our lives. Anyone says that he's "Become" and is "All good" has been deceived. So I hope that you all go and talk about those 4 things. Talk about how the family can have better family prayer and scripture study. It's hard, trust me. But it's so worth it. The Lord never punishes us for being obedient, yet rather he is BOUND to bless us. Any time we're obedient, we receive blessings. If we want more blessings, then we need to check our obedience to the commandments and adjust and improve. I love the upward spiral that is this Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I'm so happy right now. About a month ago, I was on such a roller coaster emotionally. One day I was up, the next I was WAY down. It was hard, but things have smoothed out as I've rededicated myself to obedience, diligence and focused effort. I'm happiest when I'm doing what I know I'm supposed to. I'm happiest because when I'm obeying the commandments, rules, and trying my hardest, I know that Heavenly Father is proud of me and showering blessings upon me. We are always happiest when we obey Heavenly Father. If you love me, keep my commandments. That's the key to happiness in success. Not just on the mission, but in life.

Peace. Love. Beans and Rice.
Sister Burt

P.S. I'll send pictures soon! Love you all! Thanks for all your support and love!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sausage and White Bread

Hey Fam,

Wow, am I glad it's today. Yesterday, Sister Bustillos and I both had food poisoning and it was no fun. Let me tell you about it: So Saturday, we were working a street and got REJECTED by these men who were outside Barbecuing. This weekend in Beeville was something called "Western Week" which is pretty much like their version of the county fair. Most people on Saturday were at the fair, but these fellows decided to enjoy the time without their kids and grill up a ridiculous amount of meat--in typical Mexican fashion. We were walking back to our car about an hour later and later passed them again. They called out to us and invited us to have some barbecue. Down south, people would invite you to eat their food all the time, but not really up here because everyone's white and not friendly like that. I decided to accept because they were mean to us and this would give them an opportunity to serve and somewhat feel the Spirit. They only had sausages cooked at the time (yuck, the one thing that I really don't prefer), but we ate the huge sausages wrapped sliced, white bread (another Mexican delicacy...white bread with everything!) Well, needless to say, by the end of the night, we both were feeling sick, then the next morning, neither of us could get out of bed, but we managed to get ourselves ready for church. We had diarrhea and then we felt like we constantly were going to throw up. We ended up working a bit because we already had some appointments with members set up, but immediately afterwards, we headed home because the moving around was not helping our cause. All day yesterday, I kept burping up this nasty sausage flavor. Sister Bustillos ended up getting a fever last night and is still feeling flu-like today. So yeah...lesson learned: do not eat random barbecue from meanies on the street. Actually, I never liked sausage before but now I've vowed NEVER to eat any again. Definitely not a fan.

Oh that reminds me mom. So remember how I told you my blood pressure has doubled? Well also for about a month, whenever I eat meat or anything heavy, I start having these chest pains that don't go away. It makes it really hard to sleep. It's usually a sharp pain in the middle of my sternum or more by my heart (I know...great, right?). I used to think it was silly that Sister Bustillos was a vegetarian (she's not a fan of the texture), but now I'm actually considering not eating meat because it's making my body hurt. I don't know. Do you have any diagnosis? Or am I just being dramatic and making things up? Haha.

Anyways, so...our investigators. Ashley--our awesome baptismal date--dropped us a few days ago. It was a bit sad. She was SO excited, but then randomly called us saying that she didn't feel right about it and she's so confused and doesn't know what to do. That she's moving too fast. We tried telling her that the adversary will do all that he can to make you question what you are doing in order to prevent you from following God and walking his right path. She still wouldn't buy it and said that she'd call us. I think that he family and boyfriend tried to dissuade her. But don't worry, we will be stop by later this week and talk to her again.

We're also teaching this man named Pancho. He's a blind Mexican man. He's in the early stages of investigating. I mean, he's an investigator, but that's only because he's always outside and willing to listen to us. We bring a member named Lorenzo Gonzales with us to his lessons which is way awesome.

Let me talk about Lorenzo because I seriously love this old man. He is about 74 and was baptized last November. He LOVES the Gospel and when we first got here to Beeville, one of the Elders said to us, "Oh you'll love Lorenzo. He's always willing to help with missionary work. He's an old man who all he does is sit outside reading the Book of Mormon and waits for the missionaries to come by and take him to lessons." Well, that's not entirely true. I've never seen him sit outside reading the Book of Mormon, but whenever we need a member to come with us to lessons, we us drive by his house and he's always willing. He works at a lumber store called Skid-Mart in the mornings and then after that, he's ALWAYS outside working on some sort of project. He's never sitting around for long. He owns about 3 houses in town (2 which are about 3 houses apart from each other) and is just about the sweetest old man ever. His wife died last December on Christmas and he LOVES her so much. Oh wow, I've never heard someone talk so much about his wife and how much he loves her. It's so cute. He always says, "Yeah, I need to go to the temple so I can marry my wife so that I can live with her forever." Precious. His prayers are always so cute and he always thanks Heavenly Father for "sending my sisters" to his house. Last week, he said a prayer and it was so amazing. He talked about how he was grateful that we came because "I'm lonely" and they help me a lot. How he loves the Gospel and wants to be married to his wife. How he's trying his best so that "one day, I'll be able to walk up into your arms and live with you again." He said a lot of other tender things and by the end of it, I was crying. I think that's the first prayer I've cried in here on my mission.

Anyways, things are going well. To answer dad's question about why I haven't been transferred. Well, they (meaning the first presidency) don't like for missionaries to get transferred all the time. It's so much better for missionaries to stay in areas for a while so that way they get used to the area, familiar with the members, etc. It helps us be SO much more effective in the work the longer we are here. It would be silly (and a pain), if you kept getting transferred and were moving around all the time. I've heard of people staying in their areas for up to a year (there's a Sister in the mission now who has never been transferred and she's nearly been out a year).

Anyways, thanks for the news and updates. Although, all my blog stalkers or people who read my emails should write me because no one writes me anymore and it's kind of lame. My companion gets like 10 billion letters a week and I haven't gotten one in a super long time (well, except from this random Elder in Houston, TX who somehow got my address and wrote me a letter...but he doesn't count). Anywho...I guess I'm not here to get letters. But I know the church is true. Ah dang, I forgot to write about the Baptist Youth Minister that we taught (and subsequently...dropped!). I'm out of time, but I'll write about that next week. Love you all. The church is true. Remember that you're always being watched as a member of this church.

--Hermana Burt

Monday, October 12, 2009

Charlie, July 1968 and "I Have 2 Moms"

Hey Fam,

Lots of things going on this week. Transfers came and went and I'm still in Beeville with Sister Bustillos. Actually, I forgot to tell you, but last transfer, Elder Turley came up here (there's only 4 missionaries here in Beeville) which is SO weird because Elder Turley is Sister Bustillos cousin! Small world! Now he's district leader and it's fun.

Oh, I'm supposed to ask Steve if he knows a Sister Allison Thacker. She's a friend of S. Bustillos who served in Poland and just got home within the past few months.

Beeville's still...Beeville. Haha, no but seriously, it's good. But you can still send packages to the Beeville address (not the mission home because they hold the packages until zone conference or bueno). Our investigators have been progressing a LOT this past week, so it's neat to be here still to see that. But there's a lady and her grand daughter (named Dotty and Kasi, respectively) who live in a small town called Normana. It's so funny every time we go there because they live in a trailer on the side of the highway. But the distinguishing factor about their house is that they have GIANT Statue of Liberty outside of their house. Haha, it's so random and epic. Also, they live next to this field of goats and there's this big goat with horns and he'll be on the other side of the field and all you have to do is yell, "CHARLIE!" and he'll perk his head up, make his little goat noise, and then start RUNNING over to us. I'll have to get a video of it. I didn't know goats knew they had names or even responded to them! Haha. But we were talking to Dotty one day and she said that she used to be a dancer. Sister Bustillos perked up and said, "NO way! So was I." Then Dotty said, "I was an exotic dancer."... Immediately, Sister Bustillos said, "Oh. I wasn't that." Haha, she then takes us into her hallway where all her pictures were (don't worry, they were all modest. This was like 50 years ago...haha). And then she randomly says, "Yep. I was Playboy July 1968." ... Yikes. So apparently, we are teaching a former Playboy bunny. Which is SO weird because she grew up Amish and was married when she was 12, had 7 kids by the time she was 21, and then ran away and was exiled from the Amish community. Oh, the people you meet in Beeville.

Ashley is progressing. She accepted a baptismal date for the end of November. She asked us tons of questions about what other recent converts did and how their family felt. She's Catholic, but she wants to change,but I think she's a bit nervous about how her family will react. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and it was an AMAZINg lesson because she had SO many super deep questions. She was the one who brought it up to us that, "So, in order to be with my family forever, they have to be baptized into Christ's church...but my family is all Catholic, what does that mean?" It's sad that she immediately sees the implications of it, but it's not phasing her. We love her lessons (even though she's flaky and always forget and is never home)!

We're teaching a lesbian couple...which...let's just say is interesting. We've only taught them once, but one of the women--Renee--is SO into what we are teaching her. We first came in contact with this family when we were driving down a street. We saw this little girl riding around on her scooter. She scooted up to us and then started gabbing away. We asked where he parents were and she said, "I have 2 moms." We instantly froze in our tracks--you don't hear that every day. Anyways, we gave her a Together Forever card and told her to give it to her "moms." She said she would. Well, this girl, roams the neighborhood alone (she's only 8! :( ), so we saw her all the time. Finally, we asked her where she lived and stopped by. We set up an appointment with the one mom, Nona. We came back and they were leaving. Nona came to the door and tried to scare us saying, "You know we're together, RIGHT?!" We said yes and said that that didn't matter to us. We started talking a little bit more about the Gospel and why there are so many churches. Then after she knew that we wouldn't judge her, she completely opened up and said that she grew up Jehovah Witness and has always feared God. She asked us how we know that God even exists. We answered her questions and told her that the Gospel has all the answers to those questions. We came back later and she loved and ate up everything we taught her. She is so excited to come back and says that when she talks to us, she AND Nicole (the 8 year old), say that they feel really good: calm, peaceful. So it's really exciting to see how the Spirit touches everyone when they earnestly are searching for the truth. We're still not quite sure how we're going to go about teaching them about their lifestyle; I guess just being bold and loving is the only way.

It's been an awesome week though. I'm learning so much about forgiveness and humility. My companion and I are such good friends and SO open and honest with each other. We really try to speak without guile. It's amazing that principle, "without guile" is. Lots of things get fixed and done. Missionary work is hard, and even though she and are are super good friends and are going to be amazing friends when we get back, on the mission, sometimes it gets tough. But, she's told me that I have a problem with having to be right and it's so true. I have to prove myself all the time. I'm sure every member of the family reading this is shaking their head in agreement. But I've learned a LOT this past transfer with how to recognize my pride. I never paid attention to it before, but now even when the tiniest thing comes up, I can recognize the natural man taking over. I've been good these past few weeks in recognizing it and fixing it. Quick and simple forgiveness goes a long way. I'm not always right and I'm learning it. I loved about how many talks during conference talked about love. It's really the motivating principle of the Gospel that conquers all doubts, fear, vices, and problems.

I know this Gospel is true. I've had a lot of opposition lately because we're teaching a Baptist Youth Minister and a few other people who appeal to the Bible for everything. I've have so many scriptures memorized that it's not hard for me to bash back. I catch them in their words (as do they me), but I'm learning that even though the Lord has blessed with with knowledge and talents like that, I need to use them in the way he would. Yet, through it all, my testimony has never wavered. I have hope and confidence in the future.

Sister Burt

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Lord Blessed Us This Week!

Hello Everyone!

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I totally remembered last week after I wrote the email, but by that point, I couldn't get back online or go to the store to buy a card. But I'm glad to hear that it was a good one!

Wow, Conference was so amazing! I'm so glad to hear about the FHE you did in preparation for conference. Preparation is such a huge key to the Gospel--in all aspects. As we come prepared, having put what seems at time just a little bit of extra effort, we are able to reap great results. Conference was definitely this way for me. I prepared myself and really focused on the questions I wanted answered. And--as usual--they were all answered in one way or another. It was SO awesome because a few weeks ago we had Elder Brent Neilson and his wife tour the mission and we were so stoked when he got up and spoke. He's so dynamic and awesome in person. It's interesting because we had a lot of 70s speak at the MTC and the way they speak and teach there--versus at conference--is completely different. From the ones that I've met, they are all upbeat, dynamic men. Most of them are great orators and hilarious. Conference really forces them to turn off their "funny side" I guess, but yeah, I have a greater love, appreciation, and amazement for members of the 70 since I've been here on my mission.

Anyways, we've had an amazing week this week. Transfers are Wednesday, so I have no clue if I'm actually going to still be here in Beeville. I hope so because of the recent developments with investigators, but you never know...SO, if you send anything to me this week, send it to the MISSION OFFICE address, rather than the Beeville one.

We have an investigator named Ashley. She's 18 and has as 2 year-old son. He is such a cutie, but super shy. He always runs into the other room whenever we come and quietly plays in there by himself until we come leave. But she's Catholic and let us come in. It was the worst door contact I think I've ever done. I think it went something like this, "Hey, we're..missionaries..from. Um, we talk about Jesus Christ. And, have you ever talked to missionaries like us? Yeah, well,, uh." Haha, seriously, I can't even do it justice about how bad it was. But she was super cool and let us in. We talked BRIEFLY for about 15 minutes, set a return appointment and then came back. On about our third visit, we asked her if she had prayed to know if what we were teaching her was true. She said that she didn't have to pray because after every single time we leave, she just is left with a feeling that she knows it's true. Sweet--although, we would like her to actually pray to confirm that feeling that she has. Then she says, "Yeah, I've actually learned so much more from just your little visits, than I have my entire life in the Catholic church." It was an awesome thing to hear. The Gospel really does have ALL the answers. People just assume that--Hey, my religion has most of the answers, but not all. Well...good enough. Not true. I love meeting with her. She always reads and love the Book of Mormon. It's neat to see how it changes people's lives so quickly.

In that same apartment complex, we were knocking doors and came across this old man. I started talking to him when Sister Bustillos whispered to me, "Sister...he's a member..." Oh...yes he is. So we start talking to him and then ask if there's anyone we could go visit. He says, "Yeah, my son, Sid." Then he point across the way to some other apartments and we all turn our heads to look and at those apartments, Sid and his friend were poking their head out of the door looking at us (apparently, they had seen through the window that someone was talking to his dad and then they looked outside the door to get a better look). We walked over to Sid's apartment and started talking. He said that he wanted a Book of Mormon. We pulled one out of our bag and gave it to him. He's actually a member: he was baptized when he was about 10, when his dad was, but soon went inactive. He says that since his dad has been coming back to church, he's really had the desire to start coming back as well. We started meeting with him once a week and he started coming back to church. He actually, even went out with the Elders 3 days in a row and LOVED IT. At our last visit with him, he went off about how much he loved doing missionary work. How he loved teaching and how he loves the Book of Mormon. At one of our very first visits, he said the prayer and thanked Heavenly Father for the Book of Mormon. "Just having it here in my hands again, I can feel the power and I know that it is true." Well, at this last visit, he told us that he is so grateful for us for bringing him back to church. He no longer feels like he is just waking up, living day to day. But instead he has a purpose and direction, he's happy, and less angry. He's more able to forgive his biological father (a different guy) for the numerous times that he has let him down. He also said that he has really really been thinking about a mission. He's been praying about. He said that he woke up in the middle of the night and knew what his answer was: he needs to go because God wants him too. He was really sentimental about it and is so excited. He wants to turn in his papers January 1. It's interesting. I never thought my mission would be focused on bringing people back into the church, but here in Beeville, that's been a lot of what we have been doing. At first it was disappointing because we weren't finding new people to teach and baptize. But in that very moment where Sid was bearing his testimony to us, it made it all worth it. Just in 3 weeks, I've seen the changes in him: changes in the way he prays, talks, his ear studs have come out, his appearance is neater and cleaner, his countenance is brighter. It's really exciting.

Ok, last story. This one is really cool. We were teaching a lady and her daughter in Normana--a little town (if you could call it that, I think it has 2 streets) just north of Beeville. We decided that since we were already outside of the city, we would just drive up to Pettus and tract there. We've been here nearly 3 months and have never been to Pettus. It's a little bigger than Normana (maybe 6 streets) and it has a Dairy Queen.'s a big deal. So we only had about an hour before our next appointment, so we decided to tract off one of the main roads. It was the middle of the day and no one was home. Finally, we finished the street and were walking back to our car. We noticed a house across the street that we missed. I personally like "checking things off the list" and didn't feel that we could check that street off until we finished the last one. So we did. The woman instantly let us in. Her name is Diann and has 7 kids--6 that live with her--and recently had a death of a close fried. We gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and scheduled to come back Friday at 5.

We came back Friday and all 6 of her kids were home. We started talking a bit and assumed that the kids would keep playing and doing whatever they were doing. But instead, all of the kids sat around and wanted to listen. We asked if she read the pamphlet and she said that she read it as soon as we left. She also reread it when she was waiting to pick up her kids from school later that day. While rereading it, she got a call from her daughter who lives in Jackson, TX (west Texas). Her daughter told her that some missionaries had just stopped by her house a little while earlier and gave her a pamphlet. "Really?", Diann said, "Does it have a picture of Christ coming out of the tomb?" Her daughter confirmed that it did and they even started reading parts of it together. It was the SAME pamphlet! The missionaries also set up a return appointment, but the daughter's was for Friday at 6. Diann was so amazed at this (and so were we). God really really wanted her--and her ENTIRE family, including the daughter who doesn't even live with her--to find the Gospel. We taught an amazing lesson to the whole family (expect the dad, he was working) and the kids were so smart and involved. They LOVED it. We sang "I am a Child of God" at the end and everyone was so quiet and attentively listening. Her 10-year-old son Brandon was especially interested Right before we left, the mom said, "You know. We never shut our doors to any religions or missionaries. We've had missionaries from other religions come into the home and teach us the word of God. But Brandon never like any of them and never had a good feeling about them. So, I had to call them up and tell them that they couldn't come back. But Brandon loved it. He's my most skeptical and the fact that he wants you to come back means that you have something really special." Wow. We left that lesson in awe. A family that was prepared to receive the Gospel. We are going to teach them on Tuesday and we're really excited. The best part of the whole lesson was teaching it to the kids. Children really do love God and want to understand. The 15-year-old kept saying, "We lived with God before? I never know that. I like knowing that."

This Church is true. Conference was amazing! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to preach the Gospel and to tell everyone that I know about the Restoration. I hope that you continue to read and ponder the talks that were given; that prophetic counsel is what the Lord wants for us to focus on these next 6 months. I love you all so much and appreciative of all that you do for me. If I can ever do anything for any of you (even though I'm a missionary and super far away), let me know and I will do it!

Con muchisimo amor!
Hermana Burt