Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sausage and White Bread

Hey Fam,

Wow, am I glad it's today. Yesterday, Sister Bustillos and I both had food poisoning and it was no fun. Let me tell you about it: So Saturday, we were working a street and got REJECTED by these men who were outside Barbecuing. This weekend in Beeville was something called "Western Week" which is pretty much like their version of the county fair. Most people on Saturday were at the fair, but these fellows decided to enjoy the time without their kids and grill up a ridiculous amount of meat--in typical Mexican fashion. We were walking back to our car about an hour later and later passed them again. They called out to us and invited us to have some barbecue. Down south, people would invite you to eat their food all the time, but not really up here because everyone's white and not friendly like that. I decided to accept because they were mean to us and this would give them an opportunity to serve and somewhat feel the Spirit. They only had sausages cooked at the time (yuck, the one thing that I really don't prefer), but we ate the huge sausages wrapped sliced, white bread (another Mexican delicacy...white bread with everything!) Well, needless to say, by the end of the night, we both were feeling sick, then the next morning, neither of us could get out of bed, but we managed to get ourselves ready for church. We had diarrhea and then we felt like we constantly were going to throw up. We ended up working a bit because we already had some appointments with members set up, but immediately afterwards, we headed home because the moving around was not helping our cause. All day yesterday, I kept burping up this nasty sausage flavor. Sister Bustillos ended up getting a fever last night and is still feeling flu-like today. So yeah...lesson learned: do not eat random barbecue from meanies on the street. Actually, I never liked sausage before but now I've vowed NEVER to eat any again. Definitely not a fan.

Oh that reminds me mom. So remember how I told you my blood pressure has doubled? Well also for about a month, whenever I eat meat or anything heavy, I start having these chest pains that don't go away. It makes it really hard to sleep. It's usually a sharp pain in the middle of my sternum or more by my heart (I know...great, right?). I used to think it was silly that Sister Bustillos was a vegetarian (she's not a fan of the texture), but now I'm actually considering not eating meat because it's making my body hurt. I don't know. Do you have any diagnosis? Or am I just being dramatic and making things up? Haha.

Anyways, so...our investigators. Ashley--our awesome baptismal date--dropped us a few days ago. It was a bit sad. She was SO excited, but then randomly called us saying that she didn't feel right about it and she's so confused and doesn't know what to do. That she's moving too fast. We tried telling her that the adversary will do all that he can to make you question what you are doing in order to prevent you from following God and walking his right path. She still wouldn't buy it and said that she'd call us. I think that he family and boyfriend tried to dissuade her. But don't worry, we will be stop by later this week and talk to her again.

We're also teaching this man named Pancho. He's a blind Mexican man. He's in the early stages of investigating. I mean, he's an investigator, but that's only because he's always outside and willing to listen to us. We bring a member named Lorenzo Gonzales with us to his lessons which is way awesome.

Let me talk about Lorenzo because I seriously love this old man. He is about 74 and was baptized last November. He LOVES the Gospel and when we first got here to Beeville, one of the Elders said to us, "Oh you'll love Lorenzo. He's always willing to help with missionary work. He's an old man who all he does is sit outside reading the Book of Mormon and waits for the missionaries to come by and take him to lessons." Well, that's not entirely true. I've never seen him sit outside reading the Book of Mormon, but whenever we need a member to come with us to lessons, we us drive by his house and he's always willing. He works at a lumber store called Skid-Mart in the mornings and then after that, he's ALWAYS outside working on some sort of project. He's never sitting around for long. He owns about 3 houses in town (2 which are about 3 houses apart from each other) and is just about the sweetest old man ever. His wife died last December on Christmas and he LOVES her so much. Oh wow, I've never heard someone talk so much about his wife and how much he loves her. It's so cute. He always says, "Yeah, I need to go to the temple so I can marry my wife so that I can live with her forever." Precious. His prayers are always so cute and he always thanks Heavenly Father for "sending my sisters" to his house. Last week, he said a prayer and it was so amazing. He talked about how he was grateful that we came because "I'm lonely" and they help me a lot. How he loves the Gospel and wants to be married to his wife. How he's trying his best so that "one day, I'll be able to walk up into your arms and live with you again." He said a lot of other tender things and by the end of it, I was crying. I think that's the first prayer I've cried in here on my mission.

Anyways, things are going well. To answer dad's question about why I haven't been transferred. Well, they (meaning the first presidency) don't like for missionaries to get transferred all the time. It's so much better for missionaries to stay in areas for a while so that way they get used to the area, familiar with the members, etc. It helps us be SO much more effective in the work the longer we are here. It would be silly (and a pain), if you kept getting transferred and were moving around all the time. I've heard of people staying in their areas for up to a year (there's a Sister in the mission now who has never been transferred and she's nearly been out a year).

Anyways, thanks for the news and updates. Although, all my blog stalkers or people who read my emails should write me because no one writes me anymore and it's kind of lame. My companion gets like 10 billion letters a week and I haven't gotten one in a super long time (well, except from this random Elder in Houston, TX who somehow got my address and wrote me a letter...but he doesn't count). Anywho...I guess I'm not here to get letters. But I know the church is true. Ah dang, I forgot to write about the Baptist Youth Minister that we taught (and subsequently...dropped!). I'm out of time, but I'll write about that next week. Love you all. The church is true. Remember that you're always being watched as a member of this church.

--Hermana Burt

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