Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You've never had over-easy eggs?!


Today is one of the last days of this transfer! Sister Bustillos and I have been together 3 full transfers and are predicting that at least one of us is going to get transferred on Wednesday. We actually both hope that it happens because we both need a change. We are amazing friends and get along great, but we're getting REALLY irritating with each other right now. The little things are starting to get in the way. We're like best friends who spend 24/7 with each other and then just can't handle any more of each other (I can testify that that's true because that happened to me and Alex a few years back. After years and years of being constantly together, we just needed a BREAK!). Sister Bustillos and I are open and both recognize it. But, we;ll see what happens.

OH! Before I forget, it was brought to my attention by Brother Gonzales (who was informed by his sister) that the two dogs in "All Dogs Go to Heaven" are named Charlie and Itchy--not Charlie and Spike. Ooops. I still think it's funny. It's the thought that counts.

Anyways, I haven't done one of these in a while, but I have a few more "You Know You're a Missionary When..." moments. You know you're a missionary when...
--You start recognizing duplicate articles, pictures, and quotes from the Ensign.
--When you start thinking boys/men in the Ensign are attractive...

Anyways, Beeville is great! Crazy small town though. We were talking to a girl the other day about high school things and she says about 30 of the girls there are pregnant! Also, the JUNIOR HIGH just recently built a day care for all the kids that the junior highers have. SO sad! I couldn't believe it. I'm grateful for the law of chastity and members of the church that live it. It really does save us from a lot of trouble and pain. Poor Beeville girls! We actually were teaching a women whose 13 year old daughter was pregnant.

We had a baptism this week of Beyonce Gonzales! She was so excited and looked so cute in her little white baptismal gown. Sister Bustillos says that her mom was even crying when she was helping her get ready. It was really tender to be able to see the family, which a few months ago wanted nothing to do with the church, to work together to prepare Beyonce for her baptism. Then to see the whole family together at the church and so proud of her. The majority of the ward showed up and some investigators. The Elders even said that it was the best baptism that they had ever been to. The Spirit was really strong. After she was baptized, we watched the last 10 minutes of "The Testaments"--the part where Jesus comes and ministers to the people in the Americas. We had never shown that before at a baptism and it was the PERFECT choice! The Spirit was so strong and you could hear some people crying.

What was really cool was that this past week (before the baptism), Sister Bustillos and I gave the family this cool "The Living Christ" picture/picture frame that. The LOVED it and the next day, they had re-arranged all their furniture, put the picture on the wall, and also got out the Family Proclamation and other pictures of Christ that they had. They put ALL of them on the wall, along with pictures of the girls. It was really cool to see that at the center of this wall was Christ. Actually, whole wall was about Christ. It took our breath away when we walked in the next day and saw it. We love this family and I'm going to be so sad the day I leave them.

Update on Leandra: we went by and talked to her about her baptism. We asked her about it and she says that she just doesn't feel ready to be baptized. She doesn't want to get baptized and then go the next day and sin by smoking, lusting after another man, etc. She has a good point. Obviously if that happens, it's not true repentance. She's having marital problems with her husband right now and she loves him, but ...eh..I'm not quite sure what's going on with that whole situation. Every time we visit, he gets warmer and warmer to us, so I think one day he'll sit down and listen. Leandra has a good point because one of her adopted (but not really) sons, joined the church a few weeks ago and I guess he started smoking again, hasn't really changed his old ways. She says to us that HE should be the example to her, but knows that he is not. She doesn't want what happened to him, to happen to her. I asked her if she didn't know that the church was true and she responded, "Oh, I know it's true. I know 100% that it's true." But she just isn't quite ready to be baptized yet until she completely quits smoking. It's sad, but she loves us and still has us come over and teach her. I think that she will get baptized in December or early January. But Sister Bustillos is a SUPER picky eater and had never had over-easy eggs (don't ask me how we got on that subject with Leandra), so Leandra invited us over one morning at 11:00 for breakfast. We thought she was just going to make us the eggs. Not only did she have eggs, but she also had donuts, bacon, pancakes, and juice. It was crazy, but SO good. Now do you wonder why missionaries gain weight on their missions? Yeah. She knew that we ate dinner with the Gonzales family (who live just down the street) and asked us how much. We said three times a week because we were preparing Beyonce for her baptism. Leandra then says, "Oh, well, I would feed you more, but..." it was so funny. She felt like she had to one up them in some way. Now she wants to feed us all the time...yikes. Luckily, we just have breakfast/brunch once a week. Hopefully it stays that way.

We had an investigator, Israel, come to church. Israel is an old Mexican man who is 74-years-old. He is an old pal with President Ramirez, the branch president. PR has come with us to a few of his lessons which really helps. Anyways, we taught him a few weeks ago and then stopped by this week. We tried to re-energize him about studying with us and learning more about the true church. We were sitting on this old van seat teaching him, while he was lounging on the concrete in his garage. He's so old and animated. We love it. He ALWAYS comments about my eyes, which is weird because Sister Bustillos has these unique green/hazel colored eyes and EVEYRONE always comments about her eyes. But he always says stuff about mine. He has no guile, "You have very beautiful eyes, Sister Burt. Oh...and you too Sister Castillos (he can't remember her name). But they're not as pretty as hers." Haha. Also while we were talking to him that day, he randomly says, "You two make a perfect combination, you" (pointing to Sister Bustillos) "are black. And she is white." HAHAHAHA, we both started dying. Sister Bustillos is Mexican. Definitely not black. But she says she used to get that a LOT back home when because she LIVED at the beach, loved getting tan, has big lips, hips, and a booty. So yeah, it was funny though. Anyways, we hadn't seen him for a while and then Saturday night we decided to call him and he said, "I don't believe in this book. Where does it say apostles in the Bible! If I don't read it, I won't believe it." When I was talking to him, I was rolling my eyes. I told him that we'd be right over. So we called PR and he and his wife came over. We taught an awesome lesson (in mostly Spanish) and cleared up a lot of doubts and concerns. His main thing is that he used to follow this "apostle" in Mexico for 9 years and would cut their lawn for free, but then when he had a stroke and went blind (he's not blind anymore), the church wouldn't talk to him or help him out. So, he's a bit weary about prophets and apostles, but by the end, we settled his doubts and committed him to come to church (and his wife who usually NEVER listens to us). And then, come Sunday, he CAME! It was great! If we hadn't had made the decision to see him right then and there Saturday night, he never would have come. Now the main obstacle is that after church he said that "he didn't learn anything." Well, that's kind of expected when you walk in 5 minutes before Sacrament ends and are HARD of hearing. But we're working on that. :)

Anyways, things are going well. I don't have much to say this week. I'm excited for transfers but ready for a change. So we'll see if it comes. If not, then apparently I still have a LOT to learn.

I love you all!
Sister Burt

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