Monday, December 14, 2009

Have the Days of Miracles Ceased?


Thank you so much for being awesome and an inspiration to me. I have everyone's Christmas package (and I'm SO excited for everyone to get it!) and should be sending that off this week.

So here's a funny story before I start things off. At the Branch Relief Society activity last week, it was a white elephant ornament exchange. I got these sweet golden bells, that are all connected on a chain. I think it's supposed to wrap around your tree, but I decided to wrap them all together and hang them on the door like we do back home. Well, they aren't the highest quality piece of work, let me tell you. They are plastic and most every time we shut the door--if I don't do it carefully, which I normally don't--a few of the bells will get stuck and break in half. The Elders stopped by this morning to give us something and as I was shutting the door, a bell broke. I said, "Every time I break a bell!" and right away Elder Buhler said, " angel goes to hell." Haha, it was so funny and a play off the quote from "It's a wonderful life." Ah good times. I hope that's not true though... :/ Because I've broken a few too many bells.

Last week we were blessed with a miracle of 14 new investigators and 144 contacts. Thank you everybody who prayed for that! There truly is power in prayer, I know that and I receive a greater witness and testimony about prayer every day here. It truly was a miracle from the Lord because the past few months, we have never been able to hit 140 and had between 1-4 new investigators a week (more like 1-2 every week, a good week was 4). It was bad, but I think that after being humbled to the dust, Heavenly Father had compassion on us and blessed us. We have a promise here in the Texas McAllen mission from our president call "20-20-2." Which means that if we contact 20 people per day, teach 20 lessons a week, then we will have 2 baptisms per month. I honestly can say that I've never had 140 contacts a week, while here in Beeville. White people are SO much different that Mexicans who just hang out outside and let you teach them. But, no matter. I know that 20-20-2 works because it is a promise from my mission president who is called of God, and "whether it be by my own voice, or the voice of my servants, it is the same." (D&C 1:38). I recommitted myself to actually live 20-20-2. The reason we aren't getting the two is because we're not doing the first 20! It's really not THAT hard to talk to 20 folks a day, I think I just make it hard. So I'm excited to see the fruits that will reap from my commitment to live this.

Zone Conference was this past week and it was amazing! Ah, as it always is. It was the Christmas Devotional as well, so there was a beautiful Christmas musical program that Sister Miller made. Sister Call and I sang, "Away in a Manger." Anyways, at the very beginning of Zone Conference, President Miller got up and started talking. He had Sister Call and I, and also another set of Elders stand up. We weren't quite sure what it was all about. Typically, the only time President makes people stand up is when they are in trouble and he's chastising them and calling them to repentance (haha, it's not a bad as it sounds, trust me). But this was quite the opposite. He was talking about 20-20-2 and saying that these 2 companionship's have not been experiencing the "2" of the promise even though we have been working extremely hard, teaching so many lessons, and "are very diligent missionaries." He started talking more and more and then promised us VERY specific blessings about what will happen to our areas in the next few weeks. He said that they are SO MANY prepared people here in Beeville that we will find and they will be ready. He promised us if we just keep working CHEERFULLY, that we will not only get the 2, but 3, 4, or even more. He also said that we had been called to serve with our companions for a very specific reason. In that moment, I had the revelation that I "will be in Beeville till the job is done. Till I have found and baptized those people who the Lord has prepared." It was very interesting because both Sister Call and I were forecasting that I would get transferred next transfer--seeing that I've been here 6 months. But I now feel contrary and am excited to see what the rest of this and the next transfers(s) have. I've had SPECIFIC promises from the Lord, witnesses by nearly all the missionaries serving in the North, and I know that they will come to pass.

As we followed his guidance and continued with a cheerful attitude--despite what was happening or had happened in the past--we were able to be firsthand witnesses of the Lord's miracles here in the Beeville area. Instead of the people we met being cold, rude, and uninterested, they were kind, inviting, and sincere. Doors flew open at nearly every street, usually the first doors that we knocked on a street were the ones that opened up. Definitely different that what I'm used to. What a miracle. I love the Lord and love his Gospel. All his promised blessing will come to pass--ones given in the scriptures, by the living prophets, and especially the ones given specifically to me--I know this with every fiber of my soul.

Last week was a miracle. Have miracles ceased? I say unto you, nay (Moroni 7:29).

Merry Christmas!
Faith. Hope. Charity.
--Sister Burt

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