Sunday, December 13, 2009

Picture Time!

Sister Call and I at church! Oh I love her SOOOO much, you cannot even comprehend.Eating Dinner with the Ramirez. This was dinner #2 of 4.
Christian (pronounced Chris-tee-ahn) -- my favorite little boy in the world!
Cleaning Leandra's stove with Christian. This pictures was taken after he had already cleaned the stove for a half hour in his UNDERWEAR! This was also the day that it snowed here in Beeville, so it was 39 degrees outside if I remember correctly.
Cleaning again
He's really getting into it
THis stove I think had been outside for had leaves all in it. There practically was a TREE growing in there. But all we had was soap and water and rags. You do what you can.
It snowed this week in Beeville! Kind of.. it was just flurries and what not. But still! Here are the Elders enjoying it.
I sit next to this random white board when we study or plan. And whenever we are talking about random things, I have to draw it out for her. Can you guess what random converstations we've had over the past few weeks? Those are my attempts to draw Moses, Ramsees, the new Disney princess Tiana, and other things from memory. Random, I know.

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