Monday, January 25, 2010

We Meet Again, Buzz Lightyear, for the LAST time!

Hey Family!

How’s it all going? Wow, this week went by super fast, didn’t it? Things have been pretty good. Sister Amitoelau and I have been cutting out all junk and stuff (except the things that members feed us), are on a pretty strict meal plan, and exercising like crazy in the mornings. I blame the soccer adventure from last week. It has been one week of it and we feel great! The only downside is that we drink a gallon of water a day, so we have to go pee pretty frequently, but what can you do?

So, hmm. Random info about Texas. So here, it’s a huge Mexican population, obviously. The people here are OBSESSED with Chile on everything. Super hot sauce is a staple here. At first, I wasn’t a fan because before my mission, I didn’t even salt or pepper my food, never ate chips with even mild salsa because I was just too lazy. Well, now, boy have the tables turned. All of us are OBSESSED and in our kitchen table, we have 5 different bottles of hot sauce that we use for every meal. It’s pretty funny, I’ll have to send a picture. Oh, the kids here LOVE flaming hot Cheetos and are always eating it (with a spoon out of the bag, go figure). I’d never tried them before because I always thought they were way too ridiculously hot. But I tried some the other week and they hot enough! I was disappointed. So what do you think I did? I went and grabbed the bottle of hot sauce and dumped it on it.

Alright, so yesterday was Stake Conference and Elder Pearson from the 70 came. Everyone knows how much I’m obsessed with 70s or any general authority, so I was pretty excited. Actually, I heard him talk twice in the MTC because he also has a calling in the Missionary Department. Dynamic speaker, Harvard grad, the works. Anyways, you better believe that I took some wicked notes to share with you all, so here you go:
• Someone before talked about Preach My Gospel. He mentioned that one time in General Conference a few years back, President Hinckley stood up and held up the scriptures and said, “This is the Word of God,” then he held up Preach My Gospel saying, “This is the application of the Word of God.” Every home should have a PMG. It really is inspired scripture for our day. Now, Marshall’s going on a mission in a year, and I would highly recommend starting to study as a family. I know we did that a few years ago, just a quick read through, but it requires an actual study: reading, discussion, application. I know that if you do this, it will bless both him and YOU, Mom and Dad. They reason I’m even mentioning this whole thing is because I know it’s Mom’s dream one day to go on a mission, if you want to do that, start studying now. Maybe take one chapter per month and study it. Chapter 3 is a good place to start, Chapter 6, Chapter 8—whatever the Spirit directs. A prolonged study on chapters will help you a lot. Anyways, so what Elder Pearson said I wrote down for both of you, “To Couples: if you want to increase the strength of your marriage, GO on a mission. You will learn to love each other more and will be happier that you ever have.” I know that’s true, the Senior couples I’ve met just have so much love and testimonies, it’s contagious being around them. Another interesting thing that he said was, “To Young Women: you should SERIOUSLY consider going on a mission.” It was really interesting to hear a General Authority say this; for years the church has dissuaded women (kind of but not really) from desiring to serve, so it was interesting for me to hear him proclaim this over the pulpit.
• “We should be the HAPPIEST people on earth—we have the restored gospel, we have Jesus Christ, we know that families can be together forever, etc”
• “Agency requires choice. Choice bring consequences. If you tie those two together, you have a destiny. Agency is given not to choose what we WANT to do, but to choose the RIGHT.”
• “Everything is hard until it becomes easy.”
• “If you want more revelation, study [the scriptures] more.”
• “The first law of heaven is obedience. Faith is a gift from God based on our righteousness. Obedience brings more faith.”
• “You aren’t born with faith. It is not a genetic gift, it is a spiritual gift and it comes from obedience.” He said this to a friend who said, “I’m just not born with faith like you.” I like this because we develop faith as a child because we are obedient in the little ways that we can. We pray and little, we read a little, we little by little are obedient and, as a result, develop faith.
• “You need to know WHAT to do and HOW to do it. Knowing what to do and how to do it is in the scriptures. The Holy Ghost is guiding us and the Holy Ghost will tell us what to do.” (2 Nephi 32:3)
• Outside of eternal life, there is nothing greater than having the gift of the Holy Ghost.”
Anyways, those were just a few things that I loved from his talk. I hope they will help you in some way.
Well, unfortunately (for y’all ;) ) I wrote a super long talk to President this week and now have mo more time. I really want to write more because my companion would write forever if she could, but I have to be obedient about the time restraints. Haha, it would be pretty hypocritical to write all this stuff about obedience and then just ignore it.

Remind me next week to tell you about the AWESOME Couple, Barbie and Jessie, who we found RIGHT after Stake Conference. TOTALLY awesome.

I love you all!
Sister Burt

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