Monday, February 8, 2010

A Dog Named Pulgas

Alright family!
Hey! Well things are going pretty well over here. We get transfer calls sometime today and the rumor is that President is taking Sisters out of our area and putting in Elders (because there is NO Priesthood in the branch). The Assistants called us a few days ago asking about the area and “if we were to split it,” where would it be best to be split?” So we may get split, or we may go. Who knows.

Well, I forgot to tell you a cool part about Barbie’s story. Ok, so in the beginning of the lesson with Sister Amitoelau, we were explaining the Book of Mormon. I walked over and handed her the copy of the Book of Mormon and right after she had it in her hands and put it on top of her Bible, the room got brighter. She was sitting underneath a ceiling light and it instantly got brighter. It was so cool. I took the moment to say, “Did you just see what happened to that light? I know that that is no coincidence that the light got brighter. That is exactly what the Book of Mormon does to our understanding about the Bible and Jesus Christ.” It was a really cool experience. They tried to say that “oh the light randomly does that,” but I made sure to help them see the connection. To me, it was not a coincidence, but rather, a manifestation from God.
So random stuff that happens here that I’ll share. We have an investigator who has a dog named Pulgas. “Pulgas” is Spanish means “fleas.” Haha, nice. We eat with a member couple every Wednesday called the “Castillos.” It’s kind of interesting because they live in Matamoros, Mexico but go to the Branch here in Texas. We go to a different restaurant (our choice!) each week. It’s pretty cool and they’re a really neat family. Also, people here eat Corn Tortillas with EVERYTHING and they eat them by the pound. At the beginning of my mission, I did not approve of corn tortillas, I thought they were too small and too bland. But now, holy cow, I can’t get enough, they aren’t bland, but rather “rica!” Seriously, I had a flour tortilla the other day and almost gagged, not delicious.

Anyways, Barbie is doing ok. We were only able to teach her once this week. She was able to get the better work schedule! Starting Thursday, she will be working in the mornings from 7-3 and not at night anymore! Yay, but then again, she said she might be working Sundays, so I hope not. I shared 1 Nephi 3:7 with her and explained that God wants her to come to church and that SHE wants to come to church, so that God will help her to obey this commandment. She was all excited to come to church, but said it depended on how she felt after work (she got out at 7 am), because she’s pregnant and really tired. She didn’t come on Sunday, but I still have high hopes for her (and Jessie, once he starts putting a little bit of faith into it). If the area gets split, she will go to the Elders, which is a bummer, but I’ve learned to not throw a fit about things because it’s all the Lord’s will. Just learn the lesson I need to learn and help the people I need to help, and all will work out.

Oh, here’s a random story. So last Wednesday, before eating with the Castillos, we were contacting a street called Katy. We saw this women dressed in a nice business suit, sitting outside with 2 men. The men were signing something, but we asked if we could come in and give them something. We started talking to her and quickly the men shuffled into the corner with their papers. We just assumed they wanted a little privacy, no biggie. Very soon after talking to her, the men came and said in Spanish, “Well, obviously, you think they are more important than us. We don’t want to rent the house anymore, we want our deposit back.” They grabbed the money back from her hand, shoved the clipboard to her and walked away. I tried to talk to them before they left to see if we could share something with them, but they ignored me as if I didn’t exist. When we started talking to the women again, and said that we were SO sorry about that. That now because of us, she lost her contract with those me. She said, “Oh no, thank you!” She then begins to tell us that she didn’t think these men were being honest with her and that they were lying about certain information to get the house. She actually didn’t even want to rent to them and that morning she didn’t even want to show up, but her husband told her to go. Then when she go there, she said that she was praying the whole time that someone would come and interrupt them so that she could leave. And right as she said that prayer in her mind, we showed up. I know that Heavenly Father answers all of our prayers. She didn’t accept our invitation to share the Gospel, yet she still recognized us as an answer to her prayer.

Anyways, I don’t have much time left. Sorry this has been a short email. I’ve just spent the majority of the time emailing the pictures (I would have just saved the other Hermana’s pictures to my memory card, but the Library here blocks that ability…). But this has been a really good week, I think that Sister Lopez and I will still be together because Sister Amitoelau said, “God has you stay with your companions until you learn the lesson you need to learn from them.” I believe that’s true and I haven’t really learned the lesson I need to from her yet.

I know that Christ lives and this is his true Gospel. I’ve seen it change lives and being a missionary, it still continues to refine and change me. That’s what I love about the Gospel. We can always become better.

Sister Burt

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