Monday, March 22, 2010

Contacting Cowboys

Hey Everyone!
Glad to hear that the Spring Break was great! That Dad is doing well, etc. In comment to Marshall's Cancun trip, I would say to definitely go to Xel-Ha (the scuba diving refuge). That was definitely worth it and so fun. The ruins are a cultural site that makes the trip a lot more fulfilling. I heard that it's possible to get a LDS tour guide, which makes the tour WAY cooler, but I don't know if that's possible. And of course, jet-skiing is fun. Also, around that time, the turtles should be coming up and laying their eggs on the beach, so tell him to look out for that. But yeah, I'm excited that he gets to go.
Things in Raymondville are looking up. We were able to find a few new investigators that seem to have potential (but don't they ALL seem to have potential when you first find them? It's so interesting to me that sometimes during the first lessons, we meet people and they are so grateful that we are there. They tell us that we are "answers to their prayers" or "angels." Usually if they pray, they thank Heavenly Father that we were able to come and teach them. SO it's just interesting to me that people are like that initially, yet sometime down the road they loose their zeal, forget their focus or get attacked by Satan which makes them fall out of the funnel. It really is a straight and narrow path that leads back to God.
This week we were in Lyford walking on one of the outer streets. Outside of the main town, are just farms and country roads. We noticed a ranch with quite a bit of people and lots of horses. We decided to walk up the dusty road, until we reached the corral, so that we could talk to them. They were all cowboys--partially at least. I'm not quite sure how "legit" they actually were. The were on a 192 mile ride (on horseback, of course) from somewhere to Harlingen. They were stopping here for the night. It was funny because they were all crazy (at this point it was only 3 o'clock and, of course, they were all drunk. Everyone in Texas is always drunk). They had country music playing, but my favorite part was that the music kept switching back from classic twangy country, to classic twangy SPANISH country--something I'd never heard before. Oh course, they really weren't interested, but it's ok. We gave them all that chance. But it definitely was a contact to remember.
We found some neat investigators last week. We were contacting on a street Monday night and came to this house that was blasting obscene rap music--I mean BLASTING. We decide to knock it and this high school girl and her older Sister come to the door. We talk to them briefly and they were excited for us to come back to their home and talk to them and their mom (recently, there was a death in the family). We stopped by in their home in Lyford a few days later and Carolynn (the high school girl) was sitting there waiting for us with her little 11-year-old sister, Christine. The older sister, Criselda, was sleeping and wouldn't wake up and the mom was too busy getting ready for work. So we just taught the girls. It was a brief introductory lesson and we left them with a plan of salvation pamphlet. Right once we handed it to her, Carolynn grabbed a book from the counter called, "The Purpose of Life" and said the she just started reading it last night. She is really interested and searching and wants to know. She was brave enough to give the closing prayer and prayed right then and there to know if what we were sharing was true. She committed to read the pamphlet and continue praying.
We came back two days later to find both of the girls, ready and waiting, but also another surprise--their cousin Fernando. Carolynn told him about what we shared and he was so excited. He actually was at the house a few hours before we first visited and told us that he was so sad that she didn't tell him because he would have liked to have stayed. He's very cool, friendly and outgoing. He is a bit on the feminine side, has diabetes and so sometimes gets sad about his weight. But overall, he was very amiable and upbeat. We taught all of them the plan of Salvation, using Sister Farr's little visuals displayed on the floor. They loved it and at the end, asked us so many question--some relating to the plan and others not. Fern asked a particularly important question when he said, "My question is, why are their so many churches?" We told us that that is what we talked about and helped people come to know. We actually ended up leaving all of them a Book of Mormon. We have another appointment tonight and we're taking, Louie, a fellow classmate of theirs who recently was baptized.
Other than that, there's not much more news. This has been a huge recovery week for us, having to go back to ground zero to find new people. We contacted 211 people last week. Normally, you're doing great and reaching the Standard of Excellence when you contact 140. So yeah, we definitely had a lot of finding time last week.
But my time is up! It comes and goes so quickly. I love you all. I hope you have a great week!
Your Friendly Neighborhood Missionary,
Sister Burt

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